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Session Title Session Speaker(s) Link
10 Steps to Startup Funding Steven Hoffman Materials Link
AngularJS 1.x/2.x for Beginners Oswald Campesato Materials Link
0 to 60 with Regular Expressions in 75 minutes Nima Dilmaghani
7 Days to Build an iPhone App Andrew Bellay Materials Link
7 Steps Big Data Journey for Enterprises Raju Shreewastava Materials Link
A Survey of Machine Learning Techniques Using... Stephen Boesch Materials Link
Accidentally Manager – A Survival Guide for... Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Ad Serving Technology 101 Manoj Agarwal Materials Link
Advanced MongoDB - the sequel Daniel Coupal Materials Link
All in a flap – how to create your own flappy... Christine Matheney
Amazing new features in JavaScript Manoj Kumar Materials Link
An introduction to the Bing Maps Platform Erik Lindeman Materials Link
An introduction to Windows XAML Katherine Harris, Andrew Moll
Angular 101 Deborah Kurata Materials Link
Aspect-Oriented Programming and Cloud Computing Paul Nguyen Materials Link
Automating Cassandra operations in Netflix Nir Alfasi Materials Link
Azure Storage For Everyone Robin Shahan
Become a self proclaimed data scientist Rakesh Ranjan Materials Link
Beginning Unity Shaders Brian Schulman Materials Link
Beginning Virtual Reality Development Livi Erickson Materials Link
Big Data Analytics with Spark Mohammed Guller Materials Link
Big Data Modeling for Mobile App World Sunil Sabat Materials Link
Bitcoin: Digital Cash -- The Basics Donn Lee
Bringing Web Content to the Big Screen with... Kevin Nilson
Build your first social app using Twitter... Christine Matheney
Build Your Game with Tynker Sanjana Shah
Build your idea at a 24 hour hackathon Jeancarl Bisson
Building IOS9 Apps Using Swift 2.0 And Xcode 7... Siamak Ashrafi Materials Link
Building node.js applications with Database... John David Duncan Materials Link
Building Scalable Applications with Hazelcast Fuad Malikov Materials Link
Building Web Sites that Work Everywhere Doris Chen Materials Link
Building your First iOS App with Swift Paran Sonthalia Materials Link
BYO Java Retro Console Stephen Chin
Challenges of HyperScale HyperConvergence Big... Forbes Hedges
Clean Code I - Best Practices Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Clean Code II - Dependency Injection Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
CoderBunnyz - Teaching coding fundamentals with... Samaira mehta
Common TSQL Mistakes Kevin Boles Materials Link
Composable Generators and Property-based Testing... Sumant Tambe Materials Link
Couchbase – Develop with Agility and Less... Matt Ingenthron
Couchbase – Develop with Agility and Less... Matt Ingenthron
Cracking the Coding Interview Gayle McDowell Materials Link
Cracking the Product Manager Interview Gayle McDowell Materials Link
Crafting an Effective Agile Development Culture Ron Lichty Materials Link
Create Influence, On Demand Bernie Maloney Materials Link
Create your own website! Rasika Iyer
Creating beautiful, fast and accessible... Alan Souza Materials Link
Creating Micro-services in Microsoft Service... Neil Mackenzie
Cross Platform Storage & Sync with Couchbase and... Nic Raboy
DDSConnector: The Industrial Internet of Things... Gianpiero Napoli Materials Link
Demystifying DevOps Mark Lavi Materials Link
Deploy Your First App on Cloud Foundry Dave Nielsen
Deploying Applications using the Docker... Ted Young Materials Link
Deploying Applications using the Docker... Ted Young Materials Link
Designing and Building Web Applications with... Rowan-James Tran
Developing Automated Stock Trading System with... Jae Yang Materials Link
Developing event-driven microservices with event... Chris Richardson Materials Link
Developing robust mobile enterprise solutions... Balamurugan Thinagarajan
DI Why? Getting a Grip on Dependency Injection Jeremy Clark Materials Link
Distributed Data - System Design John Brinnand
Docker and Kubernetes Recipes for Java... Arun Gupta
Don't Get Hacked! Scott Smith Materials Link
Eddystone - Giving a URL to Physical Objects Jeff Prestes
Everything to know about writing async,... Baruch Sadogursky Materials Link
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Node... Randall Degges
Everything you wanted to know about Git, but... Lenny Markus Materials Link
Everything you wanted to know about Git, but... Lenny Markus Materials Link
Exploring C++11/14 Rex Kerr Materials Link
Exploring Google APIs with Python and JavaScript Wesley Chun Materials Link
Exploring the Actor Model with Akka.NET Robert Macdonald Smith
F# for the C# Developer Mathias Brandewinder Materials Link
Fast-Track Your Development Environment Setup... Justin James
First steps with MongoDB Nuri Halperin Materials Link
First steps with MongoDB (Repeat) Nuri Halperin Materials Link
From GWT to Dart, the better Javascript Jorg Janke Materials Link
Full Stack Scala Ramnivas Laddad Materials Link
Fun and Games with JavaScript+Processing Tam Nguyen Materials Link
Fuzzing and Hardening Your C++ Apps for Security... Kostya Serebryany Materials Link
Getting Started With Cloud-Based Machine... Vamshideep Devershetty Materials Link
Go Language & Google Cloud - Building Web Apps... Todd McLeod Materials Link
Hacking web applications: practical offense and... Muhammad Ahmad Khan Materials Link
Handling billions of exceptions with .NET &... John-Daniel Trask Materials Link
Healthy Code, Happy Code Craig Berntson Materials Link
Hooked on Webhooks Justin Woo
How the Internet Works Noah Kantrowitz Materials Link
How to build a platform that can process 60... Basil Shikin Materials Link
How To Integrate a Graphical Language to Code... Jerome Etienne
How to setup a Linux Web Server and use it to... Jessica Deen Materials Link
Identify & Solve Performance problems Ratnakar Malla
Innovation for Women Engineers Claudia Galvan
Integrating online payments PJ Gupta Materials Link
Integrating Sensor Data into Mobile Applications... Nazmul Idris
Intro to HTML and CSS Nikita Takru Materials Link
Intro to NoSQL with Redis Dave Nielsen
Intro to Office 365 Development - Add-ins for... Christine Matheney
Intro to Office 365 Development – O365 APIs Christine Matheney
Intro to PowerShell for Windows and Azure Jennelle Crothers Materials Link
Intro to Xamarin: Cross-platform iOS & Android... Matt Harrington Materials Link
Introducing TestScribe, an open source tool to... Ray Yang Materials Link
Introduction to .NET Core and ASP.NET 5 Beth Massi Materials Link
Introduction to Arduino - Part 1 Pradeep Bhatter Materials Link
Introduction to Arduino Part 2 Pradeep Bhatter
Introduction to CoronaSDK and CoronaCards Tobiah Zarlez
Introduction to Data Visualization with D3.js Aysegul Yonet Materials Link
Introduction to Elixir and the Rise of the... Doug Goldie Materials Link
Introduction to Ember 2.0 Mike North
Introduction to Meteor Rahul Choudhury
Introduction to Node.js and using APIs Justin Woo
Introduction to Python – Beginners – Level 1 Anoop Trivedi Materials Link
Introduction to Python – Beginners – Level 2 Anoop Trivedi
Introduction to React + Reflux and how to boost... Roy Yu Materials Link
Introduction to Systems Management with... Craig Sebenik Materials Link
Ionic - Revolutionizing Hybrid Mobile... Justin James Materials Link
iOS and Android Apps automation Sridhar Ramakrishnan Materials Link
IP Basics Ansel Halliburton Materials Link
Irresistible APIs: Creating Platforms with... Kirsten Hunter
Is Your Mobile App Secure? Sam Bowne Materials Link
Java Community Insider Secrets! Stephen Chin
Keys to Superb Product Team Performance Ron Lichty Materials Link
Keyword Research Under a Microscope: Advanced... Massimo Paolini
Latest Trends in Web Frameworks Doris Chen
Lean Startup for Engineers Mark Abramson Materials Link
Learn the Lingo: Design Patterns Jeremy Clark Materials Link
Lego Mindstorms Programming 4 Kids (Part 1 of 2) Stephen Chin
Lego Mindstorms Programming 4 Kids (Part 2 of 2) Stephen Chin
Lets Scratch Games! Menka Gupta
Magic w/o Tricks: Avoiding the Culture-from-Hell... Matt Perez Materials Link
Making Tweet Monkey Using Node.js Jeremy Foster Materials Link
Manage your life: Web-based goal, time, project,... Roman Zhovtulya Materials Link
Managing Microsoft Azure with PowerShell Eric Courville
Managing Programmers Douglas Crockford
Master Data Management for Big Data Paul Bertucci Materials Link
Mastering Node.js Modules Jeremy Foster
Microsoft Azure & Threat modeling for cloud. Vishal Saxena
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Adwait Ullal Materials Link
Minecraft Modding with Forge - Part 1 Arun Gupta, Aditya Gupta Materials Link
Minecraft Modding with Forge - Part 2 Arun Gupta, Aditya Gupta
MIT App Inventor, android Mobile Application khushali Desai Materials Link
Online Privacy Tools for Parents and Kids of all... Agnew Kernalinux Materials Link
Organizational Risk Management Ryan Greenlee Materials Link
Performance Testing with Visual Studio Joseph Reynolds
Product analytics for developers Luca Candela
Prototype an IoT Healthcare Cloud App with... Steven Chamberlin, Nicholas Vargas
Quick and Easy Development with Node.js and... Nic Raboy
Radical C# Performance Tom Becker
Rapid Deployment & Strategies for launching a... Keven Wang Materials Link
Raspberry Pi Gaming 4 Kids Stephen Chin
Real Communication with Real People in Real Time... Devin Rader
Real-time Analytics- We want it now! Andrew Moll
Regular Expressions, To Match Or Not, That is... Peter Thoeny Materials Link
Relax and let the HTTP Machine do the Work Ryan Riley Materials Link
RESTful Microservices Shaun Abram Materials Link
Ring Ring: The Internet is Calling. Learn the... Anthony Fabbricino
Rock Your Technical Interview (Part 1) David McCarter
Rock Your Technical Interview (Part 2) David McCarter
Run Node, Php, Ruby or Others on Apache... Steve Corona
Samsung B2B Developer Program with Free Android... William Vablais
Save the Babies using just an Arduino and 100... Rashi Ranjan
Scala: Power and Versatility Shadaj Laddad
Securing your APIs with OAuth, OpenID and OpenID... Manish Pandit Materials Link
Slaying the services monolith Ryan Michela Materials Link
So you want to be a data scientist? Andrew Moll
Softs Skills For Tech People Are Not Optional In... Lena Tran, Keith Aytch
Software Project Design Juval Lowy
SQL Server Cryptology – A Primer Sebastian Meine
TCP/IP Networking for Developers Steve Evans
Technology and Fashion awaken the Soul of the... Elena Eberhard, Siamak Ashrafi
The Agile Manifesto in the Star Wars Universe Aaron Griffith
The Better Parts Douglas Crockford
The Fine Art of JavaScript Event Handling Yorick Phoenix Materials Link
Throwing Birds into Blocks with Construct 2... Christine Matheney
Throwing Birds into Blocks with Construct 2... Christine Matheney
Unit Testing SQL Server Kevin Boles Materials Link
Unity Development Katherine Harris
Update Traditional Data Pipeline to Fit Big Data... MengKe Li
Using a combination of Bootstrap and to... Bill Glosser
Using Apache Spark on Azure in Eugene Chuvyrov Materials Link
Using Docker to Bootstrap Learning Kirsten Hunter Materials Link
Using Go Language to Build Web Apps That Scale Todd McLeod Materials Link
Using Jenkins To Automate Building, Testing And... Robert Harker Materials Link
Web Components Ecosystem Oswald Campesato, Diwakar Cherukumilli Materials Link
What is Python? Wesley Chun Materials Link
When Graphs Can & Tables Can't: an Introduction... Kevin Van Gundy Materials Link
Where did I put my (primary) keys? Ami Levin
Windows Talk to Me Steve Mylroie
Windows Workflow Development for SharePoint 2013 Ramona Maxwell Materials Link
Windows Workflow Implementation for SharePoint... Ramona Maxwell Materials Link
Your Game is Served - Node, JavaScript and the... Bill Enright
Zen of Architecture Juval Lowy
Zero to Fractals in 75 Minutes Shadaj Laddad Materials Link

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