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WinJS for Web Devs  

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11:15 AM Saturday
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Web Track
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It’s not commonly known that WinJS was born out of the browser, and then went to Windows 8. Since then WinJS has been released for Windows 8.1, Xbox One and Windows Phone 8.1. Earlier this year WinJS has been open sourced with the mission of running on any browser of your choice. In this talk, we’ll go over how WinJS provides developers with a distinctive set of high performance, polished UI controls and the cohesive set of components and infrastructure it provides for your HTML5 web apps.

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Steven Edouard

Steven received his undergraduate in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. Before joining Microsoft he worked in the defense industry on subsea mine hunting and acoustic systems. He first joined Microsoft in Redmond, WA as a Software Test Engineer for .NET, a fundamental technology used by millions. He now works as a Developer Evangelist in the Bay area. Outside of tech, he likes to sail, ski, hike and hit the beach’
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