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Wearable Tech with Arduino Woman  

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1:15 PM Sunday
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Thank you for considering our workshop for Code Camp this year. Tenaya is a Rogue Maker and since March 16th 2013, has been learning all about Arduino, Linino, and Lilypad Arduino. Tenaya holds a B.A. degree in Theatre & Drama, Geological Sciences, and Anthropology. Her Grandpa was a Tau Beta Pi Engineer and Eta Kappa Nu Electrical it's only natural that Tenaya earned Phi Beta Kappa in 2005 (of course with much hard work!) She is mostly self taught in microcontroller coding and electrical engineering. Diane and Esther, Tenaya's mom and grandma, taught her how to sew and now those skills are really paying off to use conductive thread to sew LEDs into garments. Join us for a fun workshop to introduce you to sewing LEDs into your own clothing. We'll also provide fabric to inspire you and to practice the parallel circuits. Tenaya teaches a 3 part workshop where we 1) Design 2) Prototype, and 3) Make (sew!) Choose from 6 colors of LEDs with Tenaya's #RogueMaking Lilypad kits. More sensors and LEDs are available through the workshop as well. Rogue Making wearable tech kits will be an additional $20-$35 for take-home materials to keep. Prototyping materials, fabric, and sewing supplies provided.

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Tenaya Hurst

Tenaya is a Maker. From finding out about this new microcontroller technology in March 2013, she's taken off with the electronic fever of MAKING. Yes, she is the new Lady Maker on the scene, joining the project and coding community of Arduino, Linino and other microcontrollers. Now Tenaya enjoys teaching beginners in Wearable Technology, Software Engineering, and Soldering. Contact her for further information about workshops in sewing circuits, soldering, and code. Tenaya holds a B.A. from Indiana University in Theatre, Geological Sciences, and Anthropological Sciences.
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