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The Rise of Wearable Technology  

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9:15 AM Sunday
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Stemming from the rapid prototyping maker movement, technology has taken a huge leap forward to begin true integrations with the human body. From controlling physical hardware through muscle tension armbands, to heartbeat monitoring wristbands to uniquely identify a person, this year is set to produce the first in a long line of technology leading the way to truly embedded technology. We'll explore this movement and see where the future of technology integrations is leading us as a species.

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Jonathan LeBlanc

Jonathan LeBlanc is an Emmy award winning software engineer, author of the O’Reilly book "Programming Social Applications", and the Head of Global Developer Evangelism at PayPal. Specializing in identity and security, hardware to web interconnectivity, data mining techniques, as well as open source initiatives around social engagement, Jonathan works on the development of emerging initiatives towards building a more user-centric web.
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