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Swift language and using Playgrounds  

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3:30 PM Saturday
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A detailed tutorial of the Swift programming language (history / comparison) and in depth tour of the new Swift Playgrounds. This talk will cover basic language features: Optionals - Closures - Generics - Inferred types - Basic functional programming patterns - Automated memory management [Strong, Weak and Unowned Reference] - Safety (variables are always initialized before use, arrays and integers are checked for overflow). And using the Swift Playgrounds for - Algorithm development, Drawing code development, and Processing code(value transformation, image filters etc ...). This makes it very easy to learn and experiment with Swift code / APIs. [No project needed - run code from a document]. " Swift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Writing code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and apps run lightning-fast. " - Apple

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Siamak Ashrafi

Ash - CTO @ ZoeWave building physiologically intelligent clothing called ZoeWear. Combining biotech, mobile and fashion to build clothing that keeps people healthy while looking great*. Zoe(“life”)Wear “wearable for life” is built on his experience in all three fields
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