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PhoneGap + Android/iOS + Google Maps Plugin  

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5:00 PM Saturday
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In this session, I will introduce a Google Maps Plugin for PhoneGap, and how to use it. PhoneGap is a JavaScript framework for building mobile apps. You are able to build your app using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It supports the plugin mechanism which allows you to access the outside features of your app, such as camera, GPS. Google provides Google Maps mobile SDKs for Android and iOS. You can implement them your app using Java and Objective-C. In order to use them in PhoneGap, I will introduce a Google Maps Plugin for PhoneGap. This plugin allows you to embed Google Maps in your app, and control it from your JavaScript easily.

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Masashi Katsumata

Google Developer Expert for Google Maps API, not only for Google Maps JavaScript API v3, but also Google Maps Android API v2 and Google Maps SDK for iOS.
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