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Kicking the Bukkit: Anatomy of an open source meltdown  

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11:15 AM Saturday
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On September 3rd, 2014, a disgruntled ex-developer erased from the internet the work of over 150 developers over four years. This is the story of the Bukkit Minecraft server project's untimely demise, and how you can prevent your project from suffering the same fate. This session covers the rise and fall of Bukkit, the project's licensing mistakes and how they catalyzed the project's fall, and why you should not take your open source license lightly.

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Ryan Michela

Ryan Michela is Principal Engineer at Salesforce, where he’s working to integrate the Salesforce ecosystem with microservices. His passions are distributed systems, helping other developers become better. When he’s not digging into the heart of software, Ryan enjoys hiking, exploring the world, and enjoying good beer.
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