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Javascript Testing with Jasmine 101  

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3:30 PM Saturday
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This session will be presenting the basic of javascript testing, and how to have a mind set of writing testable code. We will be using Jasmine, a javascript testing framework, and we will be using the behavior testing style provided by Jasmine. After this session, attendees will learn 1) What is inside Jasmine and her syntax 2) How to start testing your javascript code 3) How to think test first ( not necessary test driven ) Attendees will need basic level understanding of javascript. And this session is targeting people that are new to javascript testing or new to Jasmine.

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Roy Yu

Senior Software Engineer ( Frontend focus ), LAMP developer and love to explore different technologies. Currently focus on web performance, web security and frontend stack complexity analysis. I have a passion for web development and architecture: from application design, frontend prototype to database design, I have experience and enjoyed every piece of it. I'm especially picky about user experience, performance and security in web development. Specialties: Web development. LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, PHP, Mysql), JAVA, HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone, React, Reflux, Redux, CoffeeScript, Stylus, SCSS, Gulp, Webpack.
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