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Functional Programming for Production Quality Code  

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1:15 PM Sunday
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This session presents practical functional techniques for achieving correctness in production quality code from strongly-typed functional-first languages. Discussion and examples are in F# and SQL. The techniques and languages demonstrated are applicable across Linux and Windows servers, all mobile devices (iOS, Android, etc.), and single board computers such as Raspberry Pi.

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Jack Fox

Jack Fox is an F# MVP who works as a software engineer at Tachyus, the first Silicon Valley tech company to implement full stack F# across all its production software platforms. He has a passion for software correctness, and sees strongly-typed functional-first languages, and F# in particular, as the key to consistently correct production software. He has presented functional and type-theory topics at SVCC, Chicago Lambda Jam, the N.Y. City F# User Group, the S.F. Bay Area F# User Group, and S.F. Types, Theorems, and Programming languages.
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