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Design Strategies with AngularJS  

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3:30 PM Saturday
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AngularJS has changed the way we think about web-development. This session is for programmers interested in using AngularJS seriously and will focus on three patterns of usage: multi-page, single page, and legacy applications. Multi-page applications follow a straight-forward MVC paradigm. Single-page applications with lots of interactions are much more complex, and require the use of nested directives. Legacy applications are those where you can only use Angular in some portions of an existing web application. This requires thoughtful data passing to make your Angular widgets work. In addition, keeping domain logic modular is a challenge, and we will show how we use Typescript to do this. We will also show examples of code before and after Angularizing them, in particular, comparing it to Backbone. If you have never seen AngularJS in action, we recommend taking one of the beginner AngularJS sessions at CodeCamp before you come to this session. If you are starting out with Angular, this session will leave you with a useful map of patterns of wisdom that will help you ask the right questions as you are designing your solution. Please download the slides in the Materials link and bring it with you to the session so you can follow along (there's code in it).

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Somik Raha

Somik Raha works at the intersection of strategy, technology innovation and organizational transformation. Prior to SmartOrg, Somik worked as an agile software development coach and founded the open-source htmlparser project. He received his Ph.D. in Decision Analysis from Stanford University conducting research on values-based decision-making, helping organizations align decisions with their core values. He is an active volunteer with ServiceSpace and blogs for the Huffington Post.

Kai Wu

Kai Wu is a software engineer of SmartOrg with a strong focus on single page application. He is interested in delivering cutting edge applications. Right now Kai is working with AngularJs, Test-driven development and NodeJs. Outside of the web, Kai likes music, badminton and cooking.
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