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Buidling a Universal App in an Hour  

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9:45 AM Saturday
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Windows Client
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Windows now spans form factors and platforms. With Universal Apps, a single code base can be written to span all Microsoft Platforms. Are you new to Microsoft. mobile development? Have you tried the Universal App project type yet? In this session we'll build a simple Universal App in an hour. You can see the basics and get the confidence you need to start or complete your own mobile app.

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Jerry Nixon

Jerry is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, teaching and speaking on Windows, Phone, and Desktop. Seasoned in Colorado, his career launched with Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 – he was delivering data-centric solutions while “database developer” was a novel term. He received a civilian Naval Commendation for security work, preceding his work for the Start Up that become Microsoft CRM. The bulk of Jerry's work targeted insurance and finance, especially not-for-profits. For 15 years, he built Microsoft-centric solutions and mobile apps. Today, Jerry speaks on XAML, mobility and Kinect at events, communities, and schools – influencing another generation of excellent, Microsoft developers. To that end, most of Jerry’s free time is spent teaching his three daughters Star Trek character backstories and episode plots.
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