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An Introduction to XAML Development  

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9:15 AM Sunday
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Windows Client
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XAML is Microsoft’s premier, declarative user interface technology. It spans every device-type and every Windows platform. It’s capable of speaking directly to the underlying composition engine of the operating system, while remaining as simple to use as HTML. Come get a primer on XAML: the syntax, controls, and basic techniques. Walk away with the knowledge you need to start your project and build your next, awesome user experience.

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Jerry Nixon

Jerry is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, teaching and speaking on Windows, Phone, and Desktop. Seasoned in Colorado, his career launched with Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 – he was delivering data-centric solutions while “database developer” was a novel term. He received a civilian Naval Commendation for security work, preceding his work for the Start Up that become Microsoft CRM. The bulk of Jerry's work targeted insurance and finance, especially not-for-profits. For 15 years, he built Microsoft-centric solutions and mobile apps. Today, Jerry speaks on XAML, mobility and Kinect at events, communities, and schools – influencing another generation of excellent, Microsoft developers. To that end, most of Jerry’s free time is spent teaching his three daughters Star Trek character backstories and episode plots.
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