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About Venture Capital Fund Raising for Your Startup  

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1:45 PM Saturday
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Hearthside Lounge
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Everything you need to know about raising venture capital: (1) What angel investors are looking for; (2) How convertible notes work; (3) Preparing your pitch; (4) Gaining traction on AngelList; (5) Closing funding quickly.

We'll go into detail on what it takes to raise money for your startup. I've worked with hundreds of startups over the past 5 years and know exactly what investors need to see and hear to fund a company. I'll share everything with you.

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Steven Hoffman

Steve Hoffman (a.k.a. Captain Hoff) is an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and Captain of Founders Space. Hoffman is a founding member of the Academy of Television’s Interactive Media Group, was Chairman for the Producers Guild SF, and served on the Board of Governors for the New Media Council.
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