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Session Title Session Speaker(s) Link
All about WildFly, Only using demos Arun Gupta
MongoDB + Vert.x = Red Hot goodness Steven Pousty
(Big Data) Introduction to Hadoop using... Daniel Egan
(Big Data) Introduction to Machine Learning... Daniel Egan
.Net Distributed Caching Paul Fryer Materials Link
About Venture Capital Fund Raising for Your... Steven Hoffman Materials Link
Accidentally Manager – A Survival Guide for... Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Advanced MongoDB Daniel Coupal Materials Link
Agile at Enterprise Scale: Flipping Sticky Bits Bernie Maloney Materials Link
Agile Machine Learning with scikit-learn Sasha Ovsankin Materials Link
An Introduction to using Apache Spark for... Stephen Boesch Materials Link
An Introduction to XAML Development Jerry Nixon Materials Link
Analyzing On-Chip Interconnect with Modern C++ Jeff Trull Materials Link
Angular or Backbone: Go Mobile! Doris Chen, Ryan Salva
AngularJS app testing for real Ward Bell
AngularJS or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and... Deborah Kurata Materials Link
API Antipatterns: How to identify and avoid them Manish Pandit Materials Link
API Mobile App-Driven Development Made Easy Nicolas Grenie
Application Development on Hadoop using... Ryan Desmond
Apply software development principles to... Roman Zhovtulya Materials Link
Apps Evolved with the OneNote API Omar Venado Materials Link
ASP.Net MVC Tips and Tricks Craig Berntson
Automating Windows with Chef Bakh Inamov Materials Link
Azure Development with the Visual Studio Tools Jason Singh
Azure for Open Source Developers Matt Harrington
Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS in the Microsoft... Neil Mackenzie
Azure, .NET and the Internet of Things
Beer Locker: Building a RESTful API with Node.js Scott Smith Materials Link
Being Efficient with Azure Automation Mike Wood Materials Link
Beyond Push Pins - Creating Enhanced Map... Steve Mylroie
Blogging to Fuel the SEO Engine Alyson Harrold
Bringing Web content to the Big Screen with... Kevin Nilson
Buidling a Universal App in an Hour Jerry Nixon Materials Link
Build a cross-platform enterprise LOB mobile app... Matt Harrington
Build Your First iOS App Paran Sonthalia
Building Apps with the Office 365 API Client... Beth Massi Materials Link
Building 'Bootiful' Applications with Spring... Josh Long
Building Killer Apps with Neo4j Kenny Bastani
Business of App Development Tobiah Zarlez Materials Link
C++11 in the Wild: Techniques from a Real... Arthur O'Dwyer Materials Link
Circuit Art Pradeep Bhatter, Pavi Bhatter Materials Link
Clean Code I - Best Practices Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Clean Code II - Cut your Dependencies with... Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Clean Code: Homicidal Maniacs Read Code, Too Jeremy Clark Materials Link
CODE Framework WPF MVC/MVVM Projects Mike Yeager Materials Link
Code Shaming, Anti Patterns in Action Mark Simms Materials Link
Community, Career and You: a Microsoft MVP Panel... Esther Lee, Kari Finn, Peter Kellner, David McCarter, Deborah Kurata, Jeremy Clark, Ryan Riley, Mathias Brandewinder, Joseph Kleinschmidt
Connecting Stuff to Azure, and What Happens... Mark Simms
Continuous Integration for Databases Steve Jones Materials Link
Cracking the Coding Interview Gayle McDowell Materials Link
Cracking the Product Manager Interview Gayle McDowell Materials Link
Create Influence, On Demand Bernie Maloney Materials Link
Creating a RESTFUL Web Service for Microsoft SQL... Patrick Mundy
Creating HTML5-based Apps for Wearable... Oswald Campesato Materials Link
Creating REST services with JAX-RS Rahul Agarwal Materials Link
Dart - the new Javascript? Jorg Janke Materials Link
Data Visualization Using Pov-Ray 3.7 Joel Champagne Materials Link
Debunking The Agile Myth: Agile is NOT Just for... Jeanne Bradford
Deep dive into Windows Phone apps: Sensors,... Kevin Ashley
Deploying Applications into Docker Containers Dave Nielsen
Design Strategies with AngularJS Somik Raha, Kai Wu Materials Link
Designing a Beautiful REST+JSON API Les Hazlewood Materials Link
Designing Irresistible APIs Kirsten Hunter Materials Link
Develop the right product faster: design... Joe Wells Materials Link
Developing applications with a micro-service... Chris Richardson Materials Link
Developing Automated Stock Trading System with... Jae Yang Materials Link
Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps with... Beth Massi Materials Link
Developing Real Time Recommendation Engine Sunil Sabat Materials Link
Distributed Systems - Patterns and Practices John Brinnand Materials Link
Dive into Cloud Foundry PaaS Dave Nielsen
Don't Screw Up Your Licensing Ansel Halliburton Materials Link
Engineering without Borders Claudia Galvan
Enterprise ready Mobile app consuming DBaaS... Om Bachu
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Node... Randall Degges
Evolve Your Code: Fundamental Design Principles Dylan Smith Materials Link
Exception-Safe Coding in C++: Part I Jon Kalb Materials Link
Exception-Safe Coding in C++: Part II Jon Kalb Materials Link
Exploring the Brain-Computer Interface Jim McKeeth Materials Link
F# for the C# developer Mathias Brandewinder
F# on the Web Ryan Riley Materials Link
First steps with MongoDB Nuri Halperin
Foothill College Does Everything, Learn More John Mummert
From Idea to API in Half a Day with RAML Dave Nielsen
Full Stack Web Performance Nik Molnar Materials Link
Fun with Lambdas: C++14 Style Sumant Tambe Materials Link
Fun with Scratch Menka Gupta
Fun with Scratch - Part 2 Menka Gupta
Functional Programming for Production Quality... Jack Fox Materials Link
Functional Reactive JavaScript: Theory &... Pete Hodgson
GameMaker Studio: Easy Game Development for All... Tam Nguyen Materials Link
Get MEAN! MongoDb + express + angular + node Ward Bell
Get Started with Azure Tonight Vishal Saxena
Getting RESTless with MeteorJS and MongoDB in... Ryan Jarvinen Materials Link
Getting started with developing Big Data... Sridhar Reddy
Getting started with Hadoop on the Cloud Nicolas Morales Materials Link
Greenfoot Games and Simulations 1 Steve Putz Materials Link
Greenfoot Games and Simulations 2 Steve Putz Materials Link
Growing technologists through autonomy, mastery... Pragati Rai
Hardening your code Marshall Clow
High performance networking for QEMU/KVM based... Gene Snider Materials Link
Hiring A Big Data and Data Science Team Andrew Eichenbaum
How Do Teams Reach High Performance? Greg Geracie, Ron Lichty Materials Link
How Our SaaS Startup Got 1000 Early Beta... Sherman Lee
How to Build Your Own Internet of Things Product... Bruno Terkaly, Steven Edouard Materials Link
How to use the Azure File Service Robin Shahan
How to Win a Hackathon Alex Donn
I Own Your Web App Sam Bowne Materials Link
If We Are Agile, Why Do We Need Managers? Ron Lichty Materials Link
Implementing Row-Level Security in Microsoft SQL... Patrick Mundy
Improving your Frontend with Ember (MVC JS... Nick Breen Materials Link
Intro to Mobile Game Programming with Cocos2d-x,... Troy Miles Materials Link
Intro to Mobile Game Programming with Cocos2d-x,... Troy Miles Materials Link
Intro to Neo4j Nicole White, Kevin VanGrundy
Intro to Relational Database Design &... Mark Abramson
Introducing RaveJS: Zero-config JavaScript... John Hann Materials Link
Introduction to Big Data Daniel Egan
Introduction to Google's PageRank Algorithm Jeff Anderson Materials Link
Introduction to Machine Learning with Azure ML Eugene Chuvyrov Materials Link
Introduction to Natural Language Processing... Alok Govil Materials Link
Introduction to NoSQL Jim Driscoll
Introduction to Python – Beginners – Level 1 Anoop Trivedi Materials Link
Introduction to Python – Beginners – Level 2 Anoop Trivedi Materials Link
Introduction to Smartwatch Programming Gabi Zuniga
Introductory Minecraft Modding with Forge - Part... Aditya Gupta, Arun Gupta
Introductory Minecraft Modding with Forge - Part... Aditya Gupta, Arun Gupta
IoT Magic Show Stephen Chin
Java EE 7 development using Eclipse Arun Gupta
Java on Rails - Using Spring Boot For Rapid... Tim Hobson
JavaScript and Internet Controlled Hardware... Jonathan LeBlanc
JavaScript Game Microservers Bill Enright
Javascript Testing with Jasmine 101 Roy Yu Materials Link
Keyword Research Under a Microscope: Advanced... Massimo Paolini
Kicking the Bukkit: Anatomy of an open source... Ryan Michela Materials Link
Kids @ Play - Build your first mobile game for... Ron Vergis Materials Link
Kodu with Kids! Simon Tien Materials Link
Launch an Angular app in 75 minutes Gordon Zhu Materials Link
Launching Your Career In Big Data Sujee Maniyam Materials Link
Lean Startup for Engineers Mark Abramson
Learn JavaScript by modeling and solving Rubik's... Manoj Kumar Materials Link
Learn to Love Lambdas (C#) Jeremy Clark Materials Link
Lego Mindstorms Programming 4 Kids Stephen Chin
Manage your life: Web-based goal, time, project,... Roman Zhovtulya Materials Link
Managing Programmers. Programmers are not like... Douglas Crockford
Manipulating Properties in Scala. Why Flat... Vlad Patryshev
Map, flatmap and reduce are your new best... Chris Richardson Materials Link
Maximize your Cache for no Cash Yorick Phoenix Materials Link
Mobile apps security. Beyond XSS, CSRF and SQLi Martin Vigo, Sergey Gorbaty Materials Link
Modern Web Diagnostics with a Glimpse into... Anthony van der Hoorn
Monetize Your iOS and Android Apps with Multiple... Alice Pang Materials Link
MTUT: A C++ Framework for Cross-Thread Unit... Nathan Yospe
MVC + Knockout Sing and Dance Paolo Bettoni
MySQL Enterprise Monitor Sastry Vedantam Materials Link
Node JS 101 Steve Drucker
Obama, JQuery, & ASP.NET SignalR. Getting... Michael Ossou
Offline Speech Recognition for Mobile Developers Breandan Considine
Open Source and Web Development Using OpenUI5 Alexander Graebe Materials Link
Parallel and Async Scripting with PowerShell Paul Cassidy Materials Link
Performance Testing with Visual Studio Joseph Reynolds Materials Link
PhoneGap + Android/iOS + Google Maps Plugin Masashi Katsumata Materials Link
Plugins for the Web - A Way to Allow Others to... Jeff Brewer Materials Link
Porting Quake III to F#: A Journey to Functional... Will Smith
PowerShell and DevOps Eric Courville
Practical Performance Tips & Tricks: Make Your... Doris Chen
Programming a Graphical Web Game, Part 1 Dave Briccetti Materials Link
Programming a Graphical Web Game, Part 2 Dave Briccetti Materials Link
Proximity API for Windows Phone Tobiah Zarlez Materials Link
Put pencil to paper, sketching skills for... Megan O'Neill
Quality Dashboard - One stop shop to determine... Venkat Gajulapalli
Rapid Application Development Using Data... Rakesh Ranjan, Steven Chamberlin Materials Link
Raspberry Pi Gaming 4 Kids Stephen Chin
Reactive Programming with DDS and Rx Sumant Tambe Materials Link
Reactive, unidirectional data without a required... David Burrowes Materials Link
Real world RESTful service development problems... Bhakti Mehta
Real world reversible debugging for C/C++... Greg Law Materials Link
Rock Your Code With Defensive Programming David McCarter Materials Link
Rock Your Technical Interview (Part 1) David McCarter
Rock Your Technical Interview (Part 2) David McCarter
Running Your Spring Apps in the Cloud Cornelia Davis
SaaS Workflows & Git Best Practices Tim Pettersen, Erik van Zijst
Scaling Up: Tame Key Business Processes and Grow... Patrick Mundy
Secure REST with Sencha Ext JS & Node.js Christopher Rhodes
Selling Basics for Startups Pete Ryan
SharePoint 2013 Columns>>Content Types Ramona Maxwell Materials Link
Simple Contextual User Doc SDK via WordPad Bill Glosser Materials Link
Simplifying Big Data development using Spring XD Ilayaperumal Gopinathan Materials Link
Solving performance problems on Java web... Ratnakar Malla Materials Link
Solving Problems with Fusion Michael Caisse
Spark -- fast and easy processing of Big Data Sujee Maniyam Materials Link
Start the journey to Internet of Things with... Pradeep Bhatter Materials Link
Start the journey to Internet of Things with... Pradeep Bhatter Materials Link
Swift language and using Playgrounds Siamak Ashrafi
Syncing Is Hard Steve Marx Materials Link
Synthesizing an Optimized Application Specific... Bob Zeidman Materials Link
Tap into the $1.12 Trillion dollar Business... Mithun Dhar
TCP/IP Networking for Developers Steve Evans
Technology and fashion awaken the soul of the... Siamak Ashrafi, Elena Eberhard
Test driving Azure Search and DocumentDB Andrew Siemer
Test-Driven Development with... Somik Raha, Kai Wu Materials Link
The Better Parts Douglas Crockford
The Internet of Things (IoT) enable proactive... Lak Sri Materials Link
The REST of the story: Using ASP.NET Web API to... Devin Rader
The Rise of Wearable Technology Jonathan LeBlanc
The Self-healing, Elastic Runtime that is Cloud... Cornelia Davis
Top 10 tips for effective development with... Jerry Kurata
Trick-or-Treat Wearable Technology Tenaya Hurst Materials Link
UI and UX design principles to keep the user... Paras Wadehra
Understanding HTTP and REST: the road to simple,... Devin Rader
Using NuGet the way you should Maarten Balliauw Materials Link
We Don't Need No Stinkin' Product Manager! Ken Kruszka Materials Link
Wearable Tech with Arduino Woman Tenaya Hurst Materials Link
Web UI in Java with Vaadin Joonas Lehtinen Materials Link
What is Python? Wesley Chun Materials Link
What Lean Brings To Product Marketing Management Cindy Solomon Materials Link
Whirlwind Tour of Scalable Vector Graphics Marc Grabanski Materials Link
Why & What functional programming Riccardo Terrell Materials Link
Why Would You Integrate Solr and Hadoop? (and... Yann Yu Materials Link
WinJS for Web Devs Steven Edouard Materials Link
Writing Facebook Applications with Eclipse Gene Snider Materials Link
XAML Anti-Patterns Markus Egger
Zero to Fractals in 75 Minutes Shadaj Laddad
ZombieTime - JSR 310 for the Undead Stephen Chin

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