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Decoding Search Optimization Jungle & Applying to the Real World: SEO Basic  

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9:15 AM Sunday
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There’s a lot of confusing jargon about Search Engine Optimization. We’ll cover the basics, including what it is, how to capitalize on it for your website and social media, and how to tie it into real-world business. Key takeaways include: * Connecting SEO to Buying Behaviors * Elements of an SEO plan * How to address the needs of the Human Audience vs. search engine bots

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Massimo Paolini

Massimo Paolini is the founder and CEO of The Spectrum Group Online, a web marketing business based in Silicon Valley. He speaks at various organizations on the power of SEO and works with several businesses around the country to increase their web presence, understand their site traffic, and improve profitability. When not working, he is lecturing his 10-year-old son on the value of tetherball twitter.
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