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Session Title Session Speaker(s) Link
.Net meets a multicore world Steve Mylroie
[future living] Apply software development... Roman Zhovtulya Materials Link
[Total Life Management] Web-based integrated... Roman Zhovtulya Materials Link
0 to 60 with Regular Expressions in 75 minutes Nima Dilmaghani
10 things every developer must know Chander Dhall
12 Take-Aways: Managing the Unmanageable Ron Lichty Materials Link
3 Ways to Go Mobile First with Responsive Design Ghaida Zahran Materials Link
3 Ways You Can Give and Get Good Design Feedback Ryan Riddle
5 Reasons Content First Will Save Your Butt Ben Gremillion
50 new features of Java EE 7 in 50 minutes Arun Gupta Materials Link
A Beginner's Guide to Animations in XAML Jerry Nixon
A SQL Server performance warehouse using the... Joel Champagne Materials Link
Achieving High Availability and High Performance... Paul Bertucci
Advanced Data Modeling with Entity Relationship... Mark Abramson
Advanced Windows 8 Development Using HTML/JS Jeremy Foster, Helen Zeng
Advanced Windows Phone Development Paras Wadehra, Bill Glosser
Adventures with Arduino Gorav Taneza Materials Link
Agile at Enterprise Scale: The Tricky Bits Bernie Maloney Materials Link
Agile, an Experiential Introduction Chris Sims
And now, the REST of the story: Using ASP.NET... Devin Rader
AngularJS and the Single Page Application (SPA) Joshua Woodward Materials Link
API design principles for accelerated... Jonathan LeBlanc Materials Link
App economy opportunities for Web Developers Adam Tuliper
Are you an underpaid developer? Earn more by... Sherman Lee Materials Link
Automating the complete Software Development... Akshaya Mahapatra Materials Link
AWS for the SQL Server Pro Lynn Langit
Basics of Building Business Applications in WPF... Joseph Reynolds Materials Link
Beginning HTML5 Mobile Game Programming Troy Miles Materials Link
Big Data is a Big Deal - Running Hadoop in the... Bruno Terkaly Materials Link
Blogging: Fuel for the SEO Engine Alyson Harrold Materials Link
Branches and Merges are Bears, Oh My! Craig Berntson Materials Link
Build a WordPress Blog and Photo Gallery Site in... Alice Pang
Build Amazing Camera Apps for Superphones Raj Lal
Building a chase game in Greenfoot Part 1 Neil Brown
Building a chase game in Greenfoot Part 2 Neil Brown
Building a Google Glass App with Wakanda Lyle Troxell
Building a platforming game in Greenfoot Part 1 Neil Brown
Building a platforming game in Greenfoot Part 2 Neil Brown
Building APIs in Scala with PlayFramework2 Manish Pandit Materials Link
Building apps with Backbone.js and Require.js Sidney Maestre Materials Link
Building beautiful maps for your applications... Derrick Burke Materials Link
Building First App on OpenStack (using HP Public... Dave Nielsen
Building HTML5-based Business Apps on Azure with... Beth Massi Materials Link
Building Mobile App Backends with Google Cloud... Dan Holevoet, Paul Rashidi
Building Native Mobile Application with Custom... Eugene Krivopaltsev
Building Your Java Configuration Muscle Memory Josh Long
Business Models and Value Generation Darius Dunlap Materials Link
C++ Asynchronous I/O - Asio Michael Caisse
Choosing a SPA Framework Ward Bell
Chromecast Kevin Nilson
Clean Code - Design Patterns and Best Practices Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Clean Code: Homicidal Maniacs Read Code, Too Jeremy Clark Materials Link
Cloud Foundry Internals: A Cook's Tour Inside... Elisabeth Hendrickson
Cloud Storage for App Developers Steve Marx
Complete automation of Performance Testing Ramakrishna Kollipara
CON1170 - Improving MySQL Performance with... Sastry Vedantam
Connect your mobile apps to the cloud the easy... Kirill Gavrylyuk, Yavor Georgiev Materials Link
Consuming RESTful Services with Sencha Touch &... Christopher Rhodes
Consuming web services asynchronously with... Chris Richardson Materials Link
Continuous Delivery using Github, CloudMunch &... Dave Nielsen Materials Link
Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment,... Ike Ellis
Convert your Legacy Java Application to... Joe Wells
Cracking the Coding Interview: Advice for Devs... Gayle McDowell Materials Link
Cracking the Culture Code Elaine Wherry
Create Influence, On Demand Bernie Maloney Materials Link
Create Stunning Data Visualization in HTML5 with... Oswald Campesato Materials Link
Creating HTML5 Mobile Apps with CSS3 Oswald Campesato Materials Link
Creating iOS Apps with C# using Xamarin.iOS Brent Schooley
Cross Platform Development with Portable Class... Muhammad Siddiqi Materials Link
Dart - Scalable programming for the modern web Seth Ladd
Data analysis jumpstart Sanjeev Mishra Materials Link
Data Breaches and Password Hashes Sam Bowne Materials Link
Debugging,Troubleshooting & Monitoring... Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Decoding Search Optimization Jungle & Applying... Massimo Paolini Materials Link
Deconstructing The Code For Product Excellence Cindy Solomon Materials Link
Dependency Injection: A Practical Introduction... Jeremy Clark Materials Link
Designing a Beautiful REST+JSON API Les Hazlewood Materials Link
Develop High Performance Sites and Modern Apps... Doris Chen Materials Link
Developing Cross Platform 3D Games with Unity Adam Tuliper
Developing Highly Instrumented Applications with... Tim Hobson Materials Link
Developing JAVA MapReduce Jobs for Hadoop Sunil Sabat Materials Link
Developing NuGet Jeff Handley Materials Link
Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps with... Beth Massi Materials Link
Developing polyglot persistence applications Chris Richardson Materials Link
Developing with SQL Server Analysis Services Mark Tabladillo Materials Link
Different style APIs for different audiences Mike Borozdin
Easy Windows 8 Game Dev with Scirra Construct2 Jeremy Foster, Matt Harrington
Easy/Robust/True cross-browser web testing with... Mehul Harry
Emerging Trends and Factors Impacting Product... Greg Geracie, Ron Lichty Materials Link
Enterprise Node.js for Sencha Touch and ExtJs Juris Vecvanags
Exception-Safe Coding in C++ Part I Jon Kalb Materials Link
Exception-Safe Coding in C++ Part II Jon Kalb Materials Link
Exploring Accessories and Wearables from BLE to... Dario Laverde Materials Link
Exploring JavaFX 3D Jim Weaver
F# for the C# developer Mathias Brandewinder Materials Link
Fantastic Features Steve Bockman Materials Link
Fast & Furious iOS and Windows Phone development... Eugene Chuvyrov, Fabien Lavocat Materials Link
Faster Responsive Design with JavaScript and... Jordan Humphreys
Fight the empire lightweightly with HTML5,... Bhakti Mehta Materials Link
Fleksy and the Fleksy SDK Vince Mansel, Ioannis Verdelis Materials Link
Fun with Functions (Part 1) Douglas Crockford Materials Link
Fun with Functions (Part 2) Douglas Crockford Materials Link
Fun with Tuples! Marshall Clow, Jon Kalb Materials Link
Functional Programming on the JVM with Clojure Michael Cohen
Game making in Haskell - Part 1 Michael Litchard
Game-Making in Haskell - Part 2 Michael Litchard
Get On The Bus Chris Patterson Materials Link
Get started building your Windows 8 App with C# Alice Pang
Get started with design Luca Candela
Getting RESTless with Meteor and MongoDB in the... Ryan Jarvinen Materials Link
Getting Started with Cloud Foundry, a open... Balachander Keelapudi
Getting Started with Test Driven Development James Bender
Go + App Engine Johan Euphrosine Materials Link
Hacking Media Production David Spark
hackinGlass gyroFire Yosun Chang
Hands-on with Backbone.js and RequireJS Roy Yu Materials Link
Handson workshop for Better Unit Testing Llewellyn Falco
HDInsight - Hadoop on Azure Lynn Langit
Headless, Stateless, Rails API John Knapp Materials Link
Hitting the accessibility high notes with ARIA Ted Drake
How Biz Dev and Marketing Opportunities Impact a... Victor Karkar
How to Develop on the Raspberry Pi with Java SE... Hinkmond Wong Materials Link
How to find, name and protect your software... Athol Foden Materials Link
IIS: Choose Your Own Adventure Steve Evans
Implementing M-V-VM in WinJS Philip Japikse
Implementing Row-Level Security in SQL 2008+ Patrick Mundy
Internet Safety for Teens Samantha Langit
Intro to Relational Database Design &... Mark Abramson
Intro to Windows Phone Development Daniel Egan
Introduction to Bitcoin Ryan Singer
Introduction to the YouTube APIs Jeremy Walker Materials Link
Introduction to TypeScript: application-scale... Matt Harrington
Introduction to Windows Azure Infrastructure... Neil Mackenzie Materials Link
Intuit APIs for financial transaction... Naga Addagadde, Sangeeta Narang
JavaScript for ASP.NET Developers Russell Fustino
JavaScript Patterns for the C# Developer Ben Hoelting
Keyword Research Under a Microscope: Advanced... Massimo Paolini Materials Link
Kojo Programming for Kids Dave Briccetti
Launching a Line of Business Infrastructure with... Paul Keister Materials Link
Learn JavaScript/HTML5 by modeling and solving... Manoj Kumar Materials Link
Learning three.js James Williams
Machine learning on .NET: F# FTW Mathias Brandewinder
Make money and have fun building Games for... Daniel Egan
Marmalade C++ Cross Platform Development Keithen Hayenga Materials Link
Mastering Visual Studio 2012 Deborah Kurata
Minecraft Modding Workshop (Part 1 of 2) Arun Gupta
Minecraft Modding Workshop (Part 2 of 2) Arun Gupta
Modern Performance - SQL Server Joe Chang Materials Link
Monads of Doom, Arrows of Time Bill Enright Materials Link
Monoids For Regular Programmers Vlad Patryshev
MV* JavaScript librariies Branka Kranjac Materials Link
Netflix Open Source Software: Who What Where... Joe Sondow Materials Link
Newman, a Functional REST client in Scala Aaron Schlesinger Materials Link
Node.js in the enterprise Jeff Harrell, Lenny Markus Materials Link
Node.JS, MySQL and NoSQL John David Duncan, Craig Russell Materials Link
Overloading in Overdrive: A Generic Data-Centric... Sumant Tambe Materials Link
PaaS vs. AWS vs. Colocation David Albrecht
Pacman in 60 minutes Ron Vergis, Tom Tofigh Materials Link
Physical Join Operators Ami Levin Materials Link
PiDoorbell - Home Automation with RaspberryPi... Rupa Dachere
Planning Your Report Design Stacia Misner Materials Link
Polyglot spatial with MongoDB Steven Pousty
Powerful T-SQL Improvements that Reduce Query... Hugo Kornelis Materials Link
Practical Unit Testing in C/C++: Agility at... Matt Hargett Materials Link
Production Ready, Multi-client centric REST with... Josh Long
Protecting Your Software's Intellectual Property Bob Zeidman Materials Link
Put your website in the cloud! Robin Shahan
Python Programming for Kids Dave Briccetti
Qt Container Classes Robert Felten Materials Link
Raspberry Pi Gaming 4 Kids (Part 1 of 2) Stephen Chin
Raspberry Pi Gaming 4 Kids (Part 2 of 2) Stephen Chin
Real-World AngularJS Nik Kalyani
Removing Impediments Chris Sims
Responsive Re-Engineering Aidan Ryan Materials Link
Retro Gaming with Lambdas Stephen Chin
Rock Your .NET Coding Standards David McCarter Materials Link
Rock Your Technical Interview (Part 1) David McCarter Materials Link
Rock Your Technical Interview (Part 2) David McCarter Materials Link
Salesforce Platform Mobile Services Samantha Ready
Scala for Java Developers Ramnivas Laddad Materials Link
Scala is Fun: Apps and Games Shadaj Laddad
Scalable systems using REST-based micro-services Ted Young Materials Link
Scale-Oriented Architecture (Services... Frank Stratton Materials Link
Scratching the Surface with JavaFX Jim Weaver
Scripting with PowerShell version 3.0 Paul Cassidy
Secret XAML Techniques for an Awesome UX Jerry Nixon
Secrets of Enterprise Data Mining Mark Tabladillo Materials Link
Securing RESTful APIs using OAuth 2 and OpenID... Jonathan LeBlanc Materials Link
Self-Service BI with PowerPivot and Power View Angel Abundez Materials Link
Self-Service Build and Deployment at Netflix Gareth Bowles Materials Link
Semantic Spend Classification Arivoli Tirouvingadame Materials Link
Simple Sentiment Analysis using Solr Pradeep Pujari Materials Link
Software Project Design Juval Lowy
Sprint Rhythm Steve Bockman
SQL Server Tips & Tricks Ike Ellis
SSAS 2012 Tips and Tricks Christian Wade Materials Link
SSIS 2012 Management Considerations and Best... Rushabh Mehta
Start Your Own Business Today Athol Foden Materials Link
Startup Funding: VCs, Investors & Getting a... Steven Hoffman Materials Link
Stop looking for a technical cofounder and just... Stephen McCurry Materials Link
System Performance - What to Optimize? Jamini Samantaray
TCP/IP Networking for Developers Steve Evans
Teaching Kids Java Programming Lynn Langit
The Art of Raising Capital for your Tech Startup Bruce Schechter Materials Link
The Best Designed Library You Shouldn't Use. Ahmed Charles Materials Link
The death of the page refresh: Real-time web... Devin Rader
The Future of JavaScript Language Tooling Ariya Hidayat Materials Link
The Science of Great UI, Part 1 Mark Miller
The Science of Great UI, Part 2 Mark Miller
Think Async Bhakti Mehta Materials Link
T-SQL User-Defined Functions, or: Bad... Hugo Kornelis Materials Link
Tynker Kids 1 Dave Briccetti
Tynker Kids 2 Dave Briccetti
Type Classes in Scala Explained Vlad Patryshev
Unit Testing ASP.Net MVC Craig Berntson Materials Link
Unity: Getting Started with Game Development Felix Rieseberg
Using Task Queues and D3.js to build an... Warren Edwards Materials Link
Velocity Comes from (Emergent) Design John Brinnand
Wearable technology is “The Next Big Thing”. Siamak Ashrafi Materials Link
What to do when WPF is too slow or how create... Steve Mylroie
What Web Developers Need to Know to Develop... Doris Chen Materials Link
Where are my (primary) keys? Ami Levin Materials Link
Who are your customers? Seemant Kulleen
Windows Azure in Real Life Robin Shahan
Working For Equity Startup CEO Panel Sean Murphy Materials Link
Write once, deploy to multiple mobile platforms Mehul Harry
Your Ad-blocker broke my site! Guy Vider Materials Link
Zen of Architecture Juval Lowy
Zero Effort Spring Scott Deeg Materials Link

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