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Recruiting Hacks for Engineers - how to hire the best team imaginable  

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1:15 PM Sunday
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Want to work on an amazing team? Don’t leave the job to someone else. This lively panel will share from-the-trenches, battle-tested tactics from elite talent hackers including how to: • More effectively tell the story of your product and tech • Create powerful talent magnets that attract the best and brightest • Build a unique engineering brand • Reduce the # of false-positive hires If you want to get better at hiring, you’ll walk away with actionable ideas on how to build a better team

The Speaker(s)


Dan Arkind

Dan co-founded JobScore, a freemium online hiring solution now used by over 1000+ employers. Dan is a 15 year veteran of the tech startup talent wars that helps companies get better at recruiting, helping them tune their internal “hiring machines” – In the past few years he’s helped Twilio, Tagged, RedBeacon, IMVU and more double the size of their teams in > 9 months.

Jeff Winner

Jeff Winner, Co-founder & CTO at As a software engineer and serial entrepreneur, Jeff has been building top-performing software engineering teams since 1993. He’s hired 100s of engineers for multiple growth organizations. He graded with an MSCS form MIT in 1986. At cardspring he’s helping bring real time payment integration to web and mobile developers.

Peter Soderling

Biz hacker, g33k and developer advocate with a bicoastal habit (NYC & SF)

Aki Taha

Aki has been recruiting for web and software companies for over a decade. He held different recruiting and HR roles in the US and overseas at Google, then joined Greylock Partners as its director of talent, providing recruiting support to the venture firm's startups. He was the director of recruiting and HR at Dropbox, and now runs a consulting firm, Persona, which works with startups to put in place the hiring fundamentals they need to recruit. Aki went to Brown, and lives in San Francisco.
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