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Logic Paradigm for C++ [ Part 2 ]  

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3:30 PM Saturday
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C++ and C++11
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This talk will build on top of the foundations laid in part 1. We will cover more examples to get a better feel for using the Logic paradigm and how to combine it with other paradigms. We will also see how an elegant multiparadigm framework can lead to powerful solutions by examining the impact on the design of a game and the ability to write query expressions in C++.

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Roshan Naik

Roshan is a leading expert in multi-paradigm programming techniques and the author of Castor, an open source library which brings the Logic Paradigm to C++. He has worked on a wide range of systems including HP-UX virtual memory, search engines and ad serving engines. Roshan received a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University, specializing in programming languages.
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