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Ember.js and Handlebars.js deep dive - modern frontend application hotness  

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1:45 PM Saturday
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There are few javascript MVC frameworks as Backbone.js, SproutCore, Sammy.js, Spine.js, Cappuccino, Knockout.js, Javascript MVC, Angular.js and Batman.js. Same goes for template libraries: underscore.js, Jade, jQuery templates, mustache, dust.js, handlebars, Google Closure Templates. We'll discuss why such frameworks are needed and do a deep dive specifically into Ember.js and Handlebars.js. We where using Ember.js with Handlebars.js and less.js for frontend product development. We'll share our experience using these libraries and why we think they're critical when building a sufficiently complex frontend application.

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Eishay Smith

CTO @ FortyTwo

Matthew Neeley

Matthew is a physicist who realized his favorite part about running experiments was writing code. So, after working on superconducting qubits at UCSB, where he obtained his PhD, and at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, he made the move to Silicon Valley and joined NetWallet to sling code full time.
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