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Session Title Session Speaker(s) Link
"Intuit's Open Source Mobile Automation... Bao Chau Nguyen, Emily Wu
"Undo Power Fail" - How to implement... Tom Becker, Bill Enright
.NET Coding Standards For The Real World David McCarter
.Net meets a multi-core World Steve Mylroie
[futureLiving] Apply software development... Roman Zhovtulya
[web goal management] Manage your life:... Roman Zhovtulya
0 to 60 with apps for Office and SharePoint 2013... Barry Boudreau
0 to 60 with Regular Expressions in 75 minutes Nima Dilmaghani
50 Tips in 50 Minutes for GlassFish Fans Bhakti Mehta, Chris Kasso
Accelerate Your PaaS To The Mobile World Mark Prichard
Advanced Flex Events: Asynchronous Binding and... Richard Haven
Advanced Video for Google TV Kristan Uccello
Advanced Windows 8 App Development with... Jeremy Foster
AMQP in Production: Building and Scaling... Nicholas Silva
An Introduction to Building Mobile HTML5 Apps... Juris Vecvanags
An Introduction to The Managed Extensibility... Karl Beutner
Android innovation: Home Sweet Home Elizabeth Mezias
Anti-Patterns that Stifle Lean UX Bill Scott
Architecture for Scaling Java Applications to... Slava Imeshev Materials Link
Artificial Intelligence meets Humanoid Warriors Vishnu Nath
ASP.NET MVC Using Kendo UI and the MVVM Pattern Ben Hoelting
AT&T API Platform making it work for you Dale Western
Azure Cloud Storage for Everyone! Robin Shahan
Azure for Developers Robin Shahan
Azure Overview Andrey Nikiforov
Backbone.js + jQuery Mobile = Awesomesauce Sidney Maestre
Batteries Included: Advantages of an End-to-End...
Big Data and No SQL landscape Sanjeev Mishra
Bug trackers: do they really all suck? Matt Doar
Build a WordPress Blog and Photo Gallery Site in... Alice Pang Materials Link
Build a WordPress site in less than an hour Massimo Paolini
Building a Home Security System with Java Ryan Cuprak
Building a Windows 8 app from scratch Russell Fustino
Building and sharing beautiful maps with ArcGIS... Derrick Burke
Building Beautiful and Interactive Windows 8... Doris Chen
Building Business Apps for Mobile Devices Beth Massi
Building Cross Platform Applications with Adobe... Kevin Schmidt
Building massive scale, fault tolerant job... Vignesh Sukumar
Building mobile backends with Google App Engine Dan Holevoet
Building Open Data (OData) Cloud Services and... Beth Massi
Building Products For The Responsive Future Matt Kelly
Building REST API's using ASP.NET Web API Devin Rader
Bumblebee: an Artificial Bee Colony algorithm in... Mathias Brandewinder
C++11 Idioms Sumant Tambe
C++11: Rvalue References, Move Semantics, and... Jon Kalb
Combine the power of Win8 and Windows Azure... Kui Jia
Communication Patterns Using Data-Centric... Sumant Tambe
Composable Futures with Akka 2.0 Michael Slinn
Cracking the Coding Interview Gayle McDowell Materials Link
Crash Course: Managing Software People and Teams Ron Lichty Materials Link
Create a branded Eclipse IDE Gene Snider
Create magical apps and engage your audience... Jeremy Walker
Create Once Deploy Everywhere Gabriel Gramajo
Creating a culture of quality in quickly growing... Anthony Bishopric
Creating Influence, On Demand Bernie Maloney
Creating your own Google Street View (Hands On) Masashi Katsumata
Cross platform GUI automation Nagappan Alagappan, James Tatum
CSS3 and HTML5 - All you wanted to know about... Suyash Joshi
Cut your Dependencies with Dependency Injection Theo Jungeblut
Database Design Troubleshooting, repair and wart... Mark Abramson
Debugging & Troubleshooting Distributed Web... Theo Jungeblut
Decomposing applications for scalability and... Chris Richardson
Designing an iOS/Objective-C API Wrapper for... Vince Mansel
Developing for Windows Phone and Windows 8 Kenny Spade
Diving in to Play 2.0 - Awesome web applications... Matthew Neeley, Eishay Smith
Do you C what I C?: The resurgence of native... John Ray Thomas
Durable API's to access data from financial... Naga Addagadde, Ajoy Chattopadhyay, Thirugnanam Subbiah
Dynamic C++ Alex Fabijanic
Ember.js and Handlebars.js deep dive - modern... Eishay Smith, Matthew Neeley
Enterprise JavaBeans today and tomorrow Marina Vatkina
Everything is Social (and so can you) Andreas Kollegger
Evolving the Face of Software Craftsmanship with... Jim Bears
Exception-Safe Coding in C++ Part I Jon Kalb Materials Link
Exception-Safe Coding in C++ Part II Jon Kalb Materials Link
Extending the Android SDK with Add-Ons... Dario Laverde
For New Managers: Learn How to be a “Good... Mary Mills
For Those About to Mock Mathias Brandewinder
From Code to Product to Market to Business -... Athol Foden
From Monads to Applicative Programming Vlad Patryshev Materials Link
Fundamentals of Good Design Uday Gajendar
Geeks Anonymous David McCarter
Generic Programming in C++: A real-world example Marshall Clow
Get Func<>-y: Delegates in .NET Jeremy Clark
Google APIs, client libraries, and the future. Ali Afshar
Google TV - 101 Kristan Uccello
Google, Developers, and Education Wesley Chun
Griffon Jumpstart Andres Almiray
Hands-on Web Application Development with Play... Abbas Raza, Jean-Baptiste Volta
High Performance SQL Applications using... Simon Law
How to Become an Online Influencer David Spark
How to build a mobile app in less than 30... Steve Chen
How To Survive The Technical Interview David McCarter
HTML5 (Session #1): CSS3 and Cool New Features Oswald Campesato
HTML5 (Session #2): HTML5 Canvas, Media, and... Oswald Campesato
HTML5 (Session #3): HTML5 WebSockets, SPDY, SSE,... Oswald Campesato
IIS for Developers Steve Evans
Implementing M-V-VM (Model-View-ViewModel) in... Philip Japikse
Improving the Performance of TPT Mapping in EF Adam Anderson
Improving your .NET build process with Nant and... Joe Enos
In App Payments with HTML5 Sidney Maestre, Jonathan LeBlanc
Integrating SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure Amit Chachra
Intellectual Property Basics: Practice and... Randy Shen, Venk Krishnamoorthy, Ph. D.
Intentional Code Llewellyn Falco
Internationalizing JavaScript Applications Norbert Lindenberg
Intro to Google SketchUp Samantha Langit, Lynn Langit
Intro to Mobile Development for Web, IOS &... Jorge Garifuna
Intro to Quick Web Application Builder (QWAB)... Jorge Garifuna
Intro to SWIG for Perl, Python, and Ruby Ed Sweeney
Intro to Windows 8 Development using WinJS and... Alice Pang, William Leong
Introducing Scala to your Java/Ruby shop: My... Manish Pandit
Introducing the Clang C++ Compiler Chandler Carruth
Introduction to Advanced .NET Debugging Mario Hewardt
Introduction to Dart Seth Ladd
Introduction to Database Design with Entity... Mark Abramson
Introduction to GPGPU and ManyCore Systems... Tim Child
Introduction to MonoTouch - C# on iOS Ash DCosta
Introduction to Native iOS Development for .NET... J. Tower, Rachel Hagerman
Introduction to Node.js on VMware's Cloud... Raja Rao DV
Introduction to - Rapid SOA Web... Ash DCosta
iOS App Development with StackMob Matt Vaznaian
JavaFX and Scala, Like Milk and Cookies Stephen Chin
Javascript HTML5 Web Apps: Adding server-side... Erick Tai
JavaScript is All Grown Up Now! Noel Rice
Kojo Programming (Scala) for Grade 6 to Adult Dave Briccetti
KUBIKULO Ina Yosun Chang
Learn to Love Lambdas Jeremy Clark
Lessons Learned: Being Agile in a Waterfall... Philip Japikse
Leveraging Java EE 7 and the Cloud with JavaFX Peter Pilgrim
Logic Paradigm for C++ [ Part 1 ] Roshan Naik
Logic Paradigm for C++ [ Part 2 ] Roshan Naik
Mastering Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Deborah Kurata
Mercurial: Beyond Cloning and Committing mich Cook
Messaging including multicore, Interprocess... Mike Baily
Mobile Accessibility - iOS, Android, and Mobile... Ted Drake
Mobile speech recognition - creating a voice... Jeff Geisler
Modeling in the NoSQL World Alex Peake
Monads and Gonads Douglas Crockford
Moving your Data to the Cloud Adwait Ullal Materials Link
MVVM Distilled: JavaScript Anand Raja
MySQL Developer Essentials with PHP, Java and... Sastry Vedantam
MySQL is the new NoSQL ... NoREALLY! Amrit Jassal
MySQL Replication Dave Stokes
Node.js on Windows Azure Neil Mackenzie
NoSQL - for the SQL Server Developer Lynn Langit
One Sweet Stack: OData to Windows 8 Jeremy Foster
OpenCloud Workshop (The Open Source Cloud is... Dave Nielsen
Oracle SQL Performance Analysis Jamini Samantaray
Overview of the Current State of Mobile HTML5 Edmund Leung
Partnering with a Designer Uday Gajendar
Practical HTML5: Using It Today Doris Chen
Programming Style and Your Brain Douglas Crockford
Project Easel - Developing and managing HTML5 in... John Ceccarelli
Python as a Gateway to Functional Programming Bryce Verdier
Rapid development and deployment of web apps and... Vasu Durgavarjhula
Rational Decision Making for Engineers Tim Child
Ready to make some money, Windows 8 is coming! Kevin Ashley
Recruiting Hacks for Engineers - how to hire the... Dan Arkind, Jeff Winner, Peter Soderling, Aki Taha
Reengineering .NET - Adding new technology to... Brad Irby
REST API and electronic signatures Mike Borozdin
RESTful Java on Steroids: JAX-RS 2.0 Arun Gupta
Rocking the Gradle Peter Niederwieser
Scala for Java Developers Ramnivas Laddad
Scala-ble Deployment Manager Murali Sangubhatla
Scalaz: The Easy Parts Taylor Leese Materials Link
Scaling Java Applications With Open Source... Slava Imeshev Materials Link
Select This! (CSS3 selectors) Estelle Weyl
Sencha HTML5 Stack Walkthrough Bruno Tavares
Sensor Fusion on mobile devices for Lifecare Siamak Ashrafi
SEO Massimo Paolini
Server-Sent Events, Async Servlet, WebSocket,... Bhakti Mehta
Service-Oriented Development Process Juval Lowy
Smarter Testing With Spock Peter Niederwieser
SOLID Design Principles and Patterns Eric Vandenberg
SPA: single page apps in JavaScript, Knockout,... Ward Bell
SQL Design Patterns Jim Bears
SQL Server Basic Performance Tips and Gotchas... Rick Morelan
SQL TDD Jim Bears
Taking full advantage of Windows 8 Modern Style... John Waters
TCP/IP Networking for Developers Steve Evans
The 100 Mistakes You'll Make from... Elaine Wherry
The Art & Science of Managing a Web Presence Alyson Harrold
The Art and Science of Dashboard Design Lee Lukehart
The Art of Raising Capital, for Technology... Bruce Schechter
the business of making & selling iphone and... Edward de Jong
The Five Factors of High Performance Product... Cindy Solomon, Greg Geracie
The FOSS PaaS OpenShift - your language, your... JImmy Guerrero
The Process Improvement Challenge Steve Bockman
The Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database... Dave Stokes
Threads and Shared Variables in C++11 Hans Boehm
Tips for building fast Multi-Touch Enabled Web... Ben Hoelting
Understanding WebKit Rendering Ariya Hidayat
Use Flexbox Yesterday: A comprehensive... Tab Atkins Jr.
Using Fitnesse as an integration test tool for... Jennifer Wong
Using Mocks in Unit Tests to Improve Code... Brad Irby
Velocity Marketing - Growth Hackers, Try and... Ken Rutsky
WakandaDB, an object-relational JavaScript...
Web Applications Made Easy With Grails Brian Miner
What is Python? Wesley Chun
What's New in Cloud Foundry Jennifer Hickey
Where the Dot are Domain Names Going? Athol Foden
Who needs your own data center, and... Kris Lahiri
Why 'Friends of Friends' matters: Applying graph... David Montag
Why the Microsoft Cloud is a great choice for... Bruno Terkaly
Win8 Dev - who moved my Start button Pritish Jacob
Windows 8 & Windows Phone XNA graphics and... Bary Nusz
Windows 8 Design Jeremy Foster
Windows 8 Development with C++: The Return of... Matt Harrington
Windows Cloud Walkthrough with Microsoft’s Scott... Scott Guthrie
Windows Cloud Walkthrough with Microsoft’s Scott... Scott Guthrie
Working For Equity: Startup CEOs Share Lessons... Sean Murphy
Working with Functional Data Structures,... Jack Fox
Writing Facebook Games with Eclipse Gene Snider
Zen of Architecture Juval Lowy

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