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Scala and Lift Introduction, and TalkingPuffin Web: A Scala Lift Webapp  

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10:45 AM Sunday
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Learn about Scala and Lift from two committers to the Lift web framework project, Indrajit Raychaudhuri and Dave Briccetti.<p><p> No Scala or Lift experience is needed, but programming experience would be helpful.<p> Indrajit, who just gave a talk on Lift at JavaOne, will introduce Scala and Lift. Then Dave will present an open source Web application for Twitter, TalkingPuffin Web. Some topics from Dave's presentation:</p> <ul> <li>A small Scala wrapper around the Java Twitter library, Twitter4J <li>Generating Web page XML constructs using functional features <li>A Lift widget for the Flot jQuery plotting library, with new pan and zoom support <li>Word frequency counting, for finding often-used words, and frequently @mentioned screen names <li>Using Scala functional features to analyze Tweets <li>Ajax and Comet with Lift <li>Running under Jetty and Tomcat </ul> <p> Here’s a look at TalkingPuffin Web from the outside:

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Dave Briccetti

Software developer with experience in Scala, Python, Java, Linux, networking, and user interfaces; and in many industries including videoconferencing, remote device control, finance, education, publishing, mechanical engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, defense, and telecommunications. Programming teacher with many years of experience teaching from third grade to adult professional.
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