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Session Title Session Speaker(s) Link
.Net meets a multi-core world Steve Mylroie
.Net meets RegX Steve Mylroie
:%s/novice/expert/g -Vim From Essentials to... Bill Odom
[voip] Practical Internet Telephony with... Roman Zhovtulya
[Web 3.0] Smart Devices. Fun for Users &... Siamak Ashrafi
[web goal management] Manage your life:... Roman Zhovtulya
0 - 60: QA Automation at Box Peter White, Dave Duke Materials Link
0 to 60 with Regular Expressions in 75 minutes Nima Dilmaghani
10 Tips to Spice up Your XAML Apps (Even if you... Paul Sheriff
2011 Survey of Web-Based 3D Technologies Chad Austin Materials Link
8 Navigation Techniques for your Silverlight... Paul Sheriff
A Platform for building RIAs using Domain... John Brinnand
A Tour of Sara Ford
A Walkthrough Groovy's AST Transformations Andres Almiray
Accelerate your database development with... Mark Abramson
Accepting payments online - Opportunities and... PJ Gupta
Achieving Cloud-Scale Test Automation at Box Randall Schulz, Jordan Sterling, David Wake
An engineer’s introduction to in-memory data... Pieter Humphrey Materials Link
An excursion in F# Mathias Brandewinder Materials Link
An Introduction to The Managed Extensibility... Karl Beutner
Approval Tests – Unit Testing Done Better! Lynn Langit
Attached Properties Unleashed Bary Nusz
Augmented Reality in Windows Phone Mango Daniel Egan
Automated GUI Testing on Mac using ATOMac James Tatum
AutoMobile: the Next Hot Platform for Mobile... Alison Chaiken
Autoperf - An Experience Report for a Haskell... Michael Litchard
Azure for Developers, Part 1 Robin Shahan
Azure for Developers, Part 2 Robin Shahan
Back-2-Basics: .NET Coding Standards For The... David McCarter
Beginning Test Driven Development for C#... Mathias Brandewinder
Beginning Windows Phone Development Paras Wadehra
Best Kept Secrets in Visual Studio 2010 and .NET... Deborah Kurata Materials Link
Best Practices for Scaling Java Applications... Slava Imeshev Materials Link
Build a mobile web app with Sencha Touch James Pearce
Build a WordPress Blog and Photo Gallery Site in... Alice Pang
Building Business Applications Quickly with... Beth Massi
Building Cloud Tools for Netflix Joe Sondow
Building Flex Applications for Mobile and... Keith Sutton
Building Hybrid Applications with Service Bus v2 Paul Stubbs
Building Java Applications for MySQL Todd Farmer Materials Link
Building Mobile Web Applications with SproutCore... Majd Taby
Building nTier Applications with Entity... David McCarter
Building Web and Mobile apps with Flex on PHP... Keith Sutton
Clean Code – Why writing Clean Code makes us... Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Command Query Responsibility Segregation: Intro... Ted Young
Computer Programmers Helping To Shape an... Robert Evans
Consuming Data for humans Woody Pewitt
Continous Integration with Hudson/Jenkins,... Mark Nelson
Continuous Integration using Hudson and Fitnesse Vasu Durgavarjhula, Jennifer Wong, Norman Boccone
Contract-First Development with Microsoft Code... Theo Jungeblut Materials Link
Create a Kinect Powered Personal Robot with... Bill Crow
Create Data Visualizations in Minutes Using... Kathryn Hurley
Creating Professional Applications with the... Kirsten Hunter Materials Link
CSS3: Making Snow (in Silicon Valley) Without... Estelle Weyl
CTO RoundTable: "Leaders in... Stacey Broadwell
Customer Experience Management for Architects Duane Nickull Materials Link
D.R.Y. CSS & Images Kimber Lockhart Materials Link
Data Analysis with MapReduce and NoSQL Shashank Tiwari
Data Visualization in HTML5 with jQuery and... Chris Bannon Materials Link
Debugging Of Multithreaded And Multiprocessed... Roni Simonian Materials Link
Deme: A Django-Based CMS for Deliberative... Todd Davies, Mike Mintz, JImmy Tobin Materials Link
Demystifying ASP.NET MVC,... Lino Tadros
Deploy and Monitor your Java EE 6 session in a... Arun Gupta
Designing for Windows 8: Metro Michael Lucaccini, Guido Rosso, Danny Riddell
Developing Applications for Meego Roland Krause
Developing SharePoint and Office 365... Donovan Follette
Distributed Programming with Scala and GridGain Nikita IVANOV
Distributed source control with Mercurial:... Chris Sutton
Dive into HTML5 Doris Chen
DSLs with Groovy Jim Driscoll Materials Link
Eclipse RCP Rapid Application Development Gene Snider
ECMAScript 5: The New Parts Douglas Crockford Materials Link
ECMAScript: What Next? Douglas Crockford
Entity Framework, LINQ, and WCF Data Services... Alex Keh
Exception-Safe Coding in C++ Jon Kalb Materials Link
Extending the JSF controller for reusability Juan Camilo Ruiz Materials Link
Extending the Power of CSS3 Oswald Campesato
Faster Mobile Anyone? Steve Souders
FlexCloudSDK - Cloud Computing for Adobe Flex... Tony Constantinides
For Those About to Mock Mathias Brandewinder Materials Link
From Code to Product to Market to Business -... Athol Foden
From Just-In-Case to Just-In-Time and Beyond Steve Bockman
Fun with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7 Daniel Egan
Fundamentals of Good UI Design Uday Gajendar
Getting Started with .NET and Oracle Database Alex Keh
Getting Started with iOS Mobile App Development Una Daly
Getting Started with Windows Azure Steve Fox
Google App Engine workshop Wesley Chun
GPU Accelerated Databases using OpenCL Tim Child Materials Link
Hands on BlackBerry Playbook, iOS and Android... Duane Nickull Materials Link
Hands on introduction to Parallel Management... Minesh B. Amin Materials Link
Hands on jQuery Mobile Sidney Maestre Materials Link
High-Performance SQL Applications Using... Simon Law
How to Become an Online Influencer David Spark
How to Break Into Mobile App Development Leslie Stevens-Huffman Materials Link
How to Create and Market Your Personal Brand Leslie Stevens-Huffman Materials Link
How to create web apps in the cloud using TWiki Peter Thoeny
How To Hire and Manage a Developer Steve Zehngut
How to Run a Long Background Process in a Web... Peter Thoeny
How to scale your App and make it work even when... Manu Mukerji
How To Survive The Technical Interview David McCarter
HTML5 Uploading and Beyond Ben Trombley
HTML5: All about Web Forms Estelle Weyl
In Memory of Steve Jobs, the Apple Story Lino Tadros
In-memory session replication with WebLogic and... Pieter Humphrey Materials Link
Intellectual Property Basics: Practice and... Randy Shen, Jonathan Feuchtwang
Intro to HTML5 Game Programming - WebGL Edition James Williams
Intro to SWIG for Perl, Python, and Ruby Ed Sweeney
Introduction to Clojure programming Abbas Raza Materials Link
Introduction to Cloud Foundry Ramnivas Laddad
Introduction to Database Design with Entity... Mark Abramson
Introduction to MongoDB Manish Pandit
Introduction to NME, the "Write Once,... Joshua Granick
Introduction to the XBox Kinect SDK from... Karl Beutner
Introduction to Windows Azure AppFabric... Neil Mackenzie Materials Link
iOS Application Architecture Kevin McNeish
iPhone Development Kickstart Noel Rice, Lance Bullock, Lance Bullock
Is Your C# Optimized? Woody Pewitt
JavaFX 2.0 With Alternative Languages - Groovy,... Stephen Chin
JavaScript Code assist for NodeJs and more Justin Early
JavaScript Code Organization and Encapsulation Shawn Van Ittersum
Javascript in Cloud - Think Automation using... Saurabh Gupta
JCP and the Future of Java Patrick Curran
Kids Programming Workshop with Scratch Gabi Zuniga, Shani Zuniga
Kojo Programming for Kids Dave Briccetti
Learning to Love Services: Experiences from the... Jeff Green
LEGO (R) Mindstorms for kids Thomas Mueller
LightSwitch Advanced Development and... Beth Massi
Making (More) Money with Phone 7 Russell Fustino
Mapping and location awareness on the Windows... Gary Campbell Materials Link
Math on the web: handwriting for input, MathJax... Peter Garst
Mergers and Acquisitions in Consumer Internet ASHISH KELKAR
Messaging - the solution for multicore,... Mike Baily
Mobile Apps with ASP.NET MVC, WURFL and jQuery... Nik Kalyani
Mobile Ecosystem Pragati Rai
Mobile Flex for Java Geeks Stephen Chin, Oswald Campesato
Mobile Web Design Moves James Pearce, Luke Wroblewski
Monetizing with Google Peng Ying
Moving your Silverlight Phone Applications to... John Waters
MySQL Cluster With and Without SQL John David Duncan, Craig Russell
Oracle and .NET: Best Practices for Performance... Christian Shay
PaaS Developer Tooling - Windows Azure Bruno Terkaly
Painless Desktop Application Development: The... Andres Almiray
Particle - Cross platform SDK for native mobile... Neeraj Gupta
Partnering with a Designer Uday Gajendar
Play! as you REST : Using Play! Framework to... Manish Pandit
PowerBuilder, The real "Cat with 9... yakov werde
Powerful Resume & Cover Letter Writing. Sondra Card, Katherine Alberts Materials Link
PowerShell Types and Objects, Objects and Types.... Paul Cassidy
Practical HTML5: Using It Today Doris Chen
Pragmatic JavaScript, jQuery & Ajax with ASP.NET Damian Edwards
Pragmatic Naming for Programmers and Product... Athol Foden
Programming Android Tablets Oswald Campesato
Progressive Enhanced JavaFX 2.0 Custom... Peter Pilgrim
Rapid Iteration in HTML5: Designer/Developer... Michael Lucaccini, Guido Rosso, Eric Anderson, Danny Riddell
Rapid Rapport: Creating Influence On Demand Bernie Maloney Materials Link
Reporting in Silverlight. Russell Fustino
Scala and Lift Introduction, and TalkingPuffin... Dave Briccetti
Scala for Java Programmers Dhananjay Ragade
Secrets of the WebOS Gurus Gene Snider, Keithen Hayenga
Semantic SOA Governance, BPM and Complex Event... Arivoli Tirouvingadame, Keshava Rangarajan Materials Link
SEO Massimo Paolini
So you have an idea... Daniel Marashlian
Social Integration Metrics fo Social App Product... Sudha Jamthe
Software Gardening Craig Berntson
Spock: The Search for an Intelligent Spec Edward Gibbs
SQL Azure for Developers Lynn Langit
Store your data, predict the future Martin Omander
Survey of Cloud Platforms Dave Nielsen
Surviving the Zerg: How your web app can stay... Sebastian Stadil
Take a sneak peek at YouTube Live Streaming... Jarek Wilkiewicz
TDD Coding Dojo Lars Thorup
Teaching Kids Programming Lynn Langit
Test Driven Development for embedded software in... Lars Thorup
Test GNOME applications using LDTP Nagappan Alagappan
Test-driven Development: It’s All about Fluency Llewellyn Falco
Testing Mobile Applications Lino Tadros
The Art of Raising Capital, for Technology... Bruce Schechter Materials Link
The Best HTML5 Tools You're Not Using Scott Stanfield
The Continuous Delivery Zone Craig Berntson
The Current State of the Union in Mobile... Lino Tadros
The Dependency Game Steve Bockman
The Ecosystem of Context: How to Play Pankaj Mehra
The Java EE 7 Platform: Developing for the Cloud Arun Gupta
The Modern Collaborative Enterprise - how to get... oliver marks
Three Cool Things About F# Matt Harrington
TurboCharge your iPhone project with Three20 Gabi Zuniga
Understanding SQL Server XML Features Randy Knight
Unit testing Legacy code Suresh Koya
Use Coaching Skills to be a Better Manager and... Mary Mills
Use RSpec to Learn Ruby Dan Bikle
Using the Windows Runtime from JavaScript in... Ward Bell Materials Link
Utilizing LEGO(R) to brainstorm and solve... Thomas Mueller
Visage Android Hands-on Lab (part 1) Stephen Chin
Visage Android Hands-on Lab (part 2) Stephen Chin
Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks Sara Ford
Web Analytics - What's Next Massimo Paolini
WebMatrix In Depth John Sheehan
WebSocket I/O with Ruby EventMachine Scott Haines
What is Google App Engine? Wesley Chun
What is Python? Wesley Chun
Where is my data? Consistency, availability,... Antoine Boulanger
Will Work For Equity - the World of Startups Theresa Shafer
Windows Phone 7 - "Mango" Refresh J. Tower Materials Link
Windows Phone 7 Development Kickstart Noel Rice
Windows Phone 7 Game Development in XNA and... Kenny Spade
Winning the Engineering Talent War Online Elaine Wherry
Working with Images on Android Michael Galpin
WPF/Silverlight Resources Tips and Tricks Gustavo Cavalcanti

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