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Sencha Touch: Amazing Mobile Web Apps with HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript  

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1:45 PM Saturday
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Sencha Touch is an open-source javascript framework for building apps for touch-screen mobile devices. It has an object-oriented design with a rich event-handling system and pre-built UI components like carousels and scrollable lists. It leverages all the latest HTML5/CSS3 features including CSS animations, masks, localStorage and more. Come and build a basic app with us in real time, and join the million strong Sencha development community.

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David Kaneda

David is a designer, developer and blogger interested in mobile applications, web technology, and graphic design. Before coming to Sencha, David created jQTouch, a jQuery plugin for iPhone development now part of Sencha Labs. He also maintains WebKitBits, a blog dedicated to WebKit. As creative director for Sencha, David is responsible for the look and feel of the Sencha websites and software.
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