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Practical Entity Framework for the Silverlight Developer  

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1:15 PM Sunday
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You’ll probably rely on the Entity Framework for relational database access, especially if you’re using WCF Data Services or WCF RIA Services or IdeaBlade DevForce in your Silverlight business application. You’ve seen the demos with a handful of entities. How do you manage 50 or 100 entities? How do you evolve your Entity Framework model as your needs and database change? In this session, we cover how to use the Entity Framework designer in real world modeling scenarios such as adding, removing, and splitting entities. We’ll examine inheritance and complex types and discuss when they are appropriate. We’ll encounter and interpret common model validation errors and spelunk the EDMX XML when we have to.

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Ward Bell

Ward is president of IdeaBlade, a consulting and product company, makers of BreezeJS. Ward is currently Editor-in-Chief of Google's Angular 2 documentation. He's a Google GDE and Microsoft MVP
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