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Introducing Google APIs Part I (A-Z and Geo)  

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9:45 AM Saturday
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Google Developer Tools & ...
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<p>This triple session (20 mins talk + 5 mins Q&A each) will give an overview of all Google APIs, and then introduce some key Geo technologies.</p> <p>1. Google APIs A-Z will give an overview of developing using Google's APIs and developer platforms. From App Engine to something ending in Z.</p> <p>2. KML is the most commonly used geographic presentation file format in the world. This session will give a quick introduction to developing KML and show you some great things that you can do with it.</p> <p>3. Upload, visualize and embed your data with just a few clicks of the mouse. This session will show you how to use Fusion Tables to simply and easily create some really sweet visualizations of your data.</p> <p>Both speakers work at Google and are experienced helping developers get started with Google APIs.</p>

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Mano Marks

Mano Marks has been on Google’s Developer Relations team for the last four years, and is the lead Developer Advocate for Google’s Geo APIs. He has travelled the world helping individuals, corporations, governments and aid organizations use Google’s mapping technologies to communicate their message to the world. Before Google, Mano had an eclectic career that involved getting a Masters in History, a Masters in Information Management and Systems, and working as a data manager in NGOs for over a decade.

Kathryn Hurley

Graduated with a Master's in Web Science from the University of San Francisco in May '10. Currently a Developers Programs Engineer at Google for Fusion Tables.
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