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Deep Dumpster Diving  

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5:00 PM Saturday
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The .NET garbage collector provides a high-speed memory allocation service and promises to minimize if not eliminate the work associated with managing your applications memory. However, this benefit comes with a cost that is not always easy to quantify. When it is ignored it has the potential to drastically reduce your application performance and in extreme cases introduce memory leaks that can be hard to find.<br/> <br/> In this session I will do an in depth look at .NET memory management and introduce the IDisposable pattern. I will then show some techniques to analyze when this pattern is needed. Lastly I will show some design patterns that can minimize the impact of garbage collection and make your programs more efficient.

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Ronn Black

Ronn has over 20 years of experience in the computer industry ranging from real-time factory floor applications to real-time stock trading applications and many areas in between.

He has worked for Silicon Valley startups, large financial firms in New York and San Francisco and a few companies that were well over the line of what could be called fringe.
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