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Become a Code Warrior : Author an Open Licensed Textbook  

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9:45 AM Saturday
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Enhance your technical reputation by writing an open licensed textbook on cutting-edge technology. Your knowledge freely shared can help educate the next generation of coder warriors and provide you with new career opportunities. Find out about different textbook authoring platforms such as Connexions, CK-12 Flexbooks, and more. Understand open licensing options that acknowledge you as author but allow others to share and modify your work. Explore repositories where open textbooks and courseware is featured. Sponsored by College Open Textbooks

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Una Daly

Formerly a software engineer and manager at Apple, 3Com, and Motorola, I am now an adjunct faculty member at Foothill College developing curriculum for iPhone Mobile App development. I am also the Director of the Community College Open Textbooks Collaborative which promotes the adoption and production of high quality and accessible open textbooks for community college students.
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