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An introduction to Google Web Toolkit and Ext GWT  

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3:30 PM Saturday
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You don't have to learn JavaScript just to do front-end programming. Ext GWT is a Java library for building rich internet applications using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) compiler. Join us for a quick tour of the Ext GWT widget set and then watch us code up a basic app. Ext GWT features high performance, customizable UI widgets, full theming support with standard CSS, full remote procedure support using GWT RPC, JSON, and XML and lots of support for Java 1.5 features, including generics, enums, and varargs. Come and build a basic app with us in real time, and join the million strong Sencha development community.

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Darrell Meyer

Before joining Sencha, Darrell was the creator of the popular open source MyGWT Widget Library for Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Darrell has expert-level Java and GWT knowledge, and leads the Ext GWT product team at Sencha. With 10+ year's experience building enterprise web applications, Darrell is equally well versed in software architecture and user interface development/design.
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