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0 to 60 with Regular Expressions in 75 minutes Nima Dilmaghani
5-minute Commit-to-Production: Continuous... Adam Rosien, Eishay Smith
A Fun Look at Video Chatting Aaron Sahagun, Allan Sahagun, Geoffrey Lee
A well-typed program never goes wrong Julien Wetterwald
ActionScript Event Patterns Richard Haven
Advanced ASP.NET MVC Extensibility Steve Andrews
Advanced Scripting in Powershell Paul Cassidy
Advanced XAML for WinPhone 7 Bary Nusz
Agile - An Experiential Introduction Chris Sims
Algorithmic Trading Peter Harrington
An Agile GUI War Doug Goldie
An introduction to Google Web Toolkit and Ext... Darrell Meyer
An Introduction to Node.js Tom Hughes-Croucher, Tim Caswell
Analyzing Memory Usage and Memory Leaks Ronn Black
Android Ecosystem and best practices Ryan Wick
Android Flash Development Stephen Chin
Android: Beyond the Basics Lance Bullock
Android: Developing for HTC EVO, Samsung Epic,... Ryan Wick
App Monetization, still a mystery ? Praveen Alavilli
Appcelerator's Titanium Platform: Build... Nolan Wright
Application Lifecycle for Windows Phone 7 Karl Shifflett
Applying Compiler Techniques to Iterate At... Pascal-Louis Perez, Julien Wetterwald
Architecture Reigns in the Cloud: Patterns that... Sinclair Schuller
Are you ready to switch your role from PM to... Amit Sarkar
ASP.NET MVC for WebForm Programmers Paul Litwin
Asynchronous Web Services: Part 1 Manoj Kumar
Asynchronous Web Services: Part 2 Manoj Kumar
Attached properties and behaviors in Silverlight... Bary Nusz
Augmented Reality Siamak Ashrafi
Automating Business Processes with K2, ASP.NET... Brandon Brown
Automating Good Coding Practices Kevin Peterson
Basic Android Lance Bullock
Become a Code Warrior : Author an Open Licensed... Una Daly
Beginning Ubuntu Gnu-Linux Development Drew Johnson, Mark Terranova, Jack Deslippe, Earl Malmrose, Aaditya Bhatia, Ryan Singer
Best Kept Secrets in Visual Studio 2010 &... Deborah Kurata
BirdShow: A Scala/Lift App for Showing Flickr... Dave Briccetti
Brief Introduction to Natural Language... Daniel Cer
Bring Charting to Your ASP.NET Sites with the... Paul Litwin
Building Safe SharePoint Solutions Matthew Burnett
Building Video Applications with YouTube APIs Jarek Wilkiewicz
Career Development for Careers in the Video... Jerry Cellilo
Cloud Computing Track Lightning Talks Dave Nielsen
Cloud Computing with Scala and GridGain Nikita IVANOV
Computer Forensics: Digital-age Detection Thomas Millar
Content Management System using Sitefinity Lino Tadros
Creating and Consuming OData Services Beth Massi
Creating and Migrating MVC/WebForm apps to the... Bruno Terkaly
Creating Office 2010 Add-ins Using SharePoint as... Donovan Follette
Creating the next Google Fletcher Johnson
Cross Platform Push Notifications in the Cloud John Waters
Dancing with iOS SDK: iPhone & iPad Bess Ho
Deep dive on PayPalX Payments Platform Praveen Alavilli
Deep Dumpster Diving Ronn Black
Deploying .NET Smart Client Applications Robin Shahan
Design Time Dependency Analaysis for Eclipse -... Pieter Humphrey, Greg Stachnick
Designer and Developer working together with... Bary Nusz
Do you MapReduce? Rahul Agarwal
DotNetNuke 5 Administration: Tips & Tricks Will Strohl
Enhancing your SharePoint Site with Silverlight Paul Stubbs
Exploring Amazon AWS Services & Best... Hien Luu
Extending your Community Web Site to include... Bret Stateham
Extreme Testing at kaChing: From Commit to... Pascal-Louis Perez
Fluent Interfaces: Domain-Specific Languages in... Ted Young, Alex Ruiz
For Those About to Mock Mathias Brandewinder
From Code to Product to Company to Brand Athol Foden, Ben Foden
Fun with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Newton Chan, Tab Atkins Jr.
Fundamentals of Good UI Design Uday Gajendar
Game Development for Windows Phone 7 Kenny Spade
Getting and Keeping the Job - What you need to... Jerry Cellilo
Getting maximum productivity for the Java... Shaun O'Brien
Getting Started with Development on SharePoint... Paul Stubbs
Getting Things Done (GTD) For a Geek Woody Pewitt
Going Viral :How I got 6000 downloads of my CSS... Curtiss Pope
Google App Engine Workshop Wesley Chun, Chris Schalk
Google Chrome / HTML5 Eric Bidelman, Ernest Delgado
Grooming Your Product Backlog Chris Sims
Groovy/Grails Controllers Deep Dive Christopher Bedford
High-Performance Scalability for Enterprise... Orion Letizi
How Do I Get Into Windows Phone 7 Development? Peter Tweed
How StackOverflow is using HTML5 Jeff Atwood
How to Product Manage an Agile Team sara ford
How to take your current JavaScript/PHP app and... Manu Mukerji
How to Test Silverlight apps the right way Lino Tadros
HTML5 Crash Course Scott Stanfield
IIS 7.5 for Developers Steve Evans
In-app Payments with PayPal's Mobile Payment... Pragati Rai
In-depth Survey of HTML5 Features Tab Atkins Jr.
Inside HTML5 Kevin Nilson, Michael Carter
Install your first PHP/ App on Amazon EC2 Dave Nielsen, Issac Roth
Intellectual Property Basics: Practice and... Randy Shen, Chi Chang
Intro to Silverlight Media Framework Kevin Rohling
intro to Test Driven Development for C#... Mathias Brandewinder
Intro to Web Analytics Massimo Paolini
Introducing Google APIs Part I (A-Z and Geo) Mano Marks, Kathryn Hurley
Introducing Google APIs Part II (Apps) Martin Omander
Introducing Google APIs Part III (New &... Wesley Chun
Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch Beth Massi
Introduction to architecting Silverlight... Alan Cobb
Introduction to DotNetNuke 5 Will Strohl
Introduction to JAX-RS Jitendra Kotamraju
Introduction to Powershell Paul Cassidy
J2EE Cloud Computing: Manipulating PDF’s for fun... Duane Nickull
Java EE 6 Tooling Ludovic Champenois
Java EE 6: Doing More With Less Arun Gupta
Java, AIR and Android – make your logic mobile Duane Nickull
JavaScript: The Good Parts Douglas Crockford
jQuery Makes Writing JavaScript Fun Again Doris Chen
Lean-Agile Adoption: save it from failing or,... Masa K Maeda
Lean-Agile games to reduce technical debt and... Masa K Maeda
Lego for Software Engineers Part 1 – How to... Theo Jungeblut
Lego for Software Engineers Part 2 – From Unity,... Theo Jungeblut
Managing & Scaling your LAMP apps in the... Dave Nielsen, Sebastian Stadil
Mapping on the Phone: Google Maps on Mobile... Mano Marks
May The Source Stay With You Steve Andrews The Simple, Fast, Elastic NoSQL... Matt Ingenthron
Microsoft Azure for Beginners Robin Shahan
Migrating to Microsoft Azure from a Traditional... Robin Shahan
Mobile App Communications in the Cloud Dave Nielsen, Adam Kalsey, Danielle Morrill
Mobile Development with iPhone, Android and... Lino Tadros
Mobile HTML 5.0 Michael Galpin
Monads, Functors, Functions, Java/Scala Vlad Patryshev
MVC and Entity Framework 4 James Johnson
MVP Program Overview Suzanna Litwin
Networking for Developers Steve Evans
Next generation business IT infrastructure -... Roman Zhovtulya
Next Generation of Testing for HTML5 Kevin Nilson
No such thing as a secure network (Wireless... Leonardo Brown
OpenStack - Open Source Cloud Software Dave Nielsen, Joe Arnold
OSGi and Java EE in GlassFish Arun Gupta
Powershell Modules Shane Powser
Power-up: Trends in the Video Game Industry Albert Chen
Practical Entity Framework for the Silverlight... Ward Bell
Practical Internet Telephony with Asterisk:... Roman Zhovtulya
Rapid Prototyping with the Eclipse Rich Client... Gene Snider
Rapid Rapport: Verbal Technology to Build... Bernie Maloney
RDFa - what, why and how? Shamod Lacoul, Mike Hewett
ReEngineering to inject Quality into Legacy... Brad Irby
REST for the rest of us Ken Yagen
Rich GUI Testing Made Easy Alex Ruiz
Running your Java EE 6 application in the Cloud Arun Gupta
Scratch Programming Workshop for Kids Dave Briccetti
Sencha Touch: Amazing Mobile Web Apps with... David Kaneda
SEO Massimo Paolini
Servlet 3.0 extensible, asynchronous and easy to... Rajiv Mordani
Setting up your SharePoint Developer Environment Matthew Burnett
SharePoint 2010 External Content Types Shawn Parker
SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture: Best... James Downey
SharePoint Web Parts 101: Then and Now Joseph Ackerman
Sharing Code Between Web and AIR Richard Haven
Should Your Application Run in the Cloud? Steve Evans
Silverlight 4 Out of Body Experience Lino Tadros
Silverlight Automated Testing Ward Bell
Silverlight, WCF RIA Services, and Your Business... Deborah Kurata
SOA Integration with the Oracle Application... Shaun O'Brien
Social Platforms : What goes on under the hood Manish Pandit
Spring Roo: Productive Enterprise Application... Ramnivas Laddad
SQL Source Control Solutions Joel Champagne
Talk with Crock Douglas Crockford
Teaching Kids Programming Kenny Spade
Teaching Programming to Kids Dave Briccetti
Technology of Building Silicon Valley Code Camp... Peter Kellner
That’s My App - Running in Your Background -... Michael Galpin
The Five Biggest Myths about Web Services... Symon Chang
The Science of Great UI Mark Miller Real-time Communications Cloud API Jason Goecke
Using Advanced jQuery Techniques to Enhance Your... Will Strohl
Visual Studio 2010 Code Generation Doug Holland
Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks sara ford
Visual Studio LightSwitch – Beyond the Basics Beth Massi
Voice & SMS Apps in the Cloud Dave Nielsen, Danielle Morrill
Web Analytics - What's Next Massimo Paolini
webOS - Cross Platform and node.js Kevin Hague
Website Optimization and Performance Improvement... Ratnakar Malla
What is Google App Engine? Wesley Chun
What is Python? Wesley Chun
What's New in Scala 2.8 Bill Venners
What's the deal on Multi-tasking? Jeff McKenna
Will Work For Equity - the World Startups Sean Murphy
Windows Phone 7 Meets Cloud Computing -... Bruno Terkaly
WinPhone 7 and OData, building the Code Camp... John Waters
Working with a UI Designer Uday Gajendar
WP7 Developer Contest - Day 1 Session 1 Daniel Egan
WP7 Developer Contest - Day 2 Session 1... Daniel Egan
WP7 Developer Contest Day 1 Session 2 Daniel Egan
WP7 Developer Contest Day 1 Session 3 Daniel Egan
WP7 Developer Contest Day 1 Session 4 Daniel Egan
WP7 Developer Contest Day 2 Session 2 (Building... Daniel Egan
WP7 Developer Contest Day 2 Session 3 (Building... Daniel Egan
WP7 Developer Contest Day 2 Session 4... Daniel Egan
WPF Tips and Tricks Gustavo Cavalcanti
Writing a CLI with Flex and Bison Gene Snider
x CANCELLED - How to setup and scale Windows on... Dave Nielsen
x CANCELLED Setup and Build Your Own Open Source... Dave Nielsen

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