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Slow Down to Speed Up  

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11:00 AM Saturday
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If everyone on an Agile development team works at his or her top capacity, does that guarantee maximum throughput? Let's find out.<br/><br/> In this interactive, hands-on workshop we'll discover how to optimize the effectiveness of the team as a whole. We'll work together to simulate a manufacturing assembly line under various conditions and measure our results to see what works best.<br/><br/> We'll also discover and discuss how the assembly-line analogy applies to software development, and how slowing down certain portions of the development process can have a direct, positive impact on the bottom line.<br/><br/>

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Steve Bockman

Steve Bockman is a software developer turned productivity consultant. He is the founder of Agile Unlimited, a company in Northern California that focuses on helping organizations enhance their effectiveness. Steve is the originator of Team Estimation, a technique for collaboratively estimating work effort. He is also the author of Predictability, a business novel about creating reliable project schedules.
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