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Making Pair Programming and TDD Fun and Effective  

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9:15 AM Sunday
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Pair Programming is often talked about, but probably not put into practice as much as it could be. Why? It's a difficult skill to master, and often tedious because both members of the pair want to have the keyboard more than half of the time.<br/><br/> Test Driven Development (TDD) is also a difficult skill to acquire, perhaps because it seems easier to "just go ahead and write the code."<br/><br/> This session illustrates the basics of both Pair Programming and TDD by demonstrating the development of a sample application from the ground up, following the rules of the Pair Programming TDD Game, originally developed by Brad Wilson and Peter Provost of Microsoft Corporation.<br/><br/> The game goes beyond the more well-known "ping-pong", and is a fun way to keep both members of a pair engaged. After this session, you'll want to play the game with your own team.

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Steve Bockman

Steve Bockman is a software developer turned productivity consultant. He is the founder of Agile Unlimited, a company in Northern California that focuses on helping organizations enhance their effectiveness. Steve is the originator of Team Estimation, a technique for collaboratively estimating work effort. He is also the author of Predictability, a business novel about creating reliable project schedules.
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