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Getting the Most from Lambda Expressions in VB and C#  

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2:30 PM Saturday
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Hearthside Lounge
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Lambda expressions are one of the best features in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. They, and their related extension methods, can dramatically simplify your coding and improve your productivity. This talk takes a solution-oriented approach to using Lambda expressions. It covers finding and filtering data with Lambda expressions, using Lambda expressions to simplify your validation and "dirty" data processing, and simplifying Tree structure access with Lambda expressions, plus much more. Come and see how Lambda expressions can improve your code.

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Deborah Kurata

Deborah Kurata is an independent consultant, developer, and mentor focusing on Windows and Web technologies. She has authored several technical books and speaks at user groups and conferences. She is a Pluralsight author and has published several courses including "AngularJS Line of Business Applications" and "AngularJS: What's New in 1.3".
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