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A First Look at Scala on Google App Engine  

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5:15 PM Saturday
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Cloud Computing (Saturday...
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GAE is a great Scala environment, especially since its coding patterns are pushing the programmer to do functional oriented programming. In this technical talk we will discuss using Scala In Google App Engine, we’ll go through using Scala along with: <ul> <li>* GAE’s basic services</li> <li>* Java Data Objects (JDO) – GAE’s interface to the BigTable based Datastore. How to use Scala syntax for JDO annotation and class declaration</li> <li>* Google Web Toolkit (GWT) – interfacing with GWT Java only garden</li> <li>* ANT – loosing IDE dependency, compiling/running your Scala app from the command line without Eclipse’s Plugins</li> <li>* Discuss what you cannot do with Scala</li> </ul>

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Eishay Smith

CTO @ FortyTwo
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