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Hackathon 4 Kids: Hands-on with the Google Map (Part I)  

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<p><b>Hackathon 4 Kids: Hands-on with the Google Maps API</b></p> <p><b>Doug Ricket, Map Engineer at Google</b></p> <p> "Join engineers from the Google Maps team for a hands-on tutorial inside the Google Maps API. We'll start with embedding map images in your web page, and learn how to add interaction to build a full-fledged application, from points and lines to geocoding and driving directions. Participants should bring a laptop to write code at the session! Recommended for ages 13-18, or younger with computer experience and parental accompaniment." </p> <p><b>Register: <u></u></b></p> <p><b>Participating Kids: FREE geek toy (Until supplies last)</b></p>

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Bess Ho

Bess Ho is Mobile & UI Architect. She loves to hack and attend hackathon events. Her hacker team receive “Honorable Mention” at iPad Dev Camp 2010 and Winner prize in Health care category at iPhone Dev Camp 2009. She is also a winner of Nokia Open Screen Project Fund. Bess has spoken & demoed at various conferences and events in Silicon Valley, such as Web20 Expo SF, Where20 Conference, Plug and Play Mobile Play conference, Silicon Valley Code Camp, and local user groups. Bess shows her vision and passion in exploring web technology in founding and leading a community-based developer group Silicon Valley Web Builder (SVWB) since 2004. She is Technical Editor of the first Open Social developer book “Building OpenSocial Apps: A Field Guide to Working with MySpace Platform”, written by MySpace Chief Software Architect.
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