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Groking the Code-Base  

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Let’s face it…every time we start a new job we have to figure out a new code-base, and that code-base is usually only new for us. Thousands if not millions of lines of code…where do you start? <p>There really isn’t any “beginning” place. As a manager and team lead I’ll start new folks on easy bug fixes to help them get up to speed. But what I like to see are people taking the initiative to understand the larger picture. </p> <p> So…how do you do that? I’m going to walk you through my process. A process that I’ve used successfully as both a consultant and an architect. When you leave this session you’ll have some tools/techniques you can use to quickly learn a new code-base and help you have more confidence in the modifications you make. </p>

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Ryan Greenlee

Kim has over 30 yrs of experience building and shipping commercial and enterprise level software solutions from initial release to multiple release cycles. She has worked both in the start up sector as well as large corporations. Risk reduction is key to successful product launch and the long term viability of your company.
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