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Generics, Anonymous Methods, and Lambda Expressions  

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Generics, anonymous methods, and lambda expressions, oh my! Come and learn all about these very important concepts. This session is both for developers who don’t know what these things are and for those who want to expand their use of these techniques. This session begins with a brief introduction to generics. It then dives deep into using generics and lambdas in both VB and in C#.

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Deborah Kurata

Deborah Kurata is a software developer, consultant, conference speaker, and Pluralsight author. For her work in support of software developers, she has been recognized with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award and is a Google Developer Expert (GDE). She has authored several technical books and speaks at user groups and conferences. She has published several Pluralsight courses including "Angular: Getting Started" and "Angular NgRx: Getting Started".
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