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Agile Developer Practices for Dynamic Languages  

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Developer practices for traditional and agile Java development are well understood and documented. But dynamic languages—Groovy, Ruby, and others—change the ground rules. Many of the common practices, refactoring techniques, and design patterns we have been taught either no longer apply or should be applied differently and some new techniques also come into play. In this talk, techniques for agile development with dynamic languages are discussed. How should we apply design patterns? How should we better apply refactoring techniques? What new aspects do we need to think about?

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Paul King

Paul King has broad experience in both technical and managerial roles across the telecommunications and information technology industries. He has a passion for innovation and often assists organizations in bringing new technologies or processes into their development practices. He has been contributing to open source projects for more than fifteen years, has contributed to international standards, has won prizes for his research, and is a frequent speaker at international conferences. His special interest areas are Java, Java EE, lightweight frameworks such as Spring, agile development, open source testing tools, XML and Web services, and dynamic languages such as Ruby and Groovy.
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