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0 to 60 with Regular Expressions in 75 minutes Nima Dilmaghani
7 Best Features of WPF 3.5 SP1 Scott Stanfield
Agile Developer Practices for Dynamic Languages Paul King
AJAX or Not to AJAX Lino Tadros
An Introduction to Comet and Bayeux (Pushing... Kevin Nilson
Architecting and Consuming REST APIs in .NET... Ryan Olshan
BAM and the Interactive Web Emil Ong
Best Kept Secrets in Visual Studio 2008 and .NET... Deborah Kurata
Best Practices for Scaling Java Applications... Slava Imeshev
Boosting Your Testing Productivity with Groovy Andres Almiray
Building and Sharing Enterprise Mashups &... Kishore Subramanian
Building Better Tests Ted Young
Building Better Tests in Java Ted Young
Building Enterprise Server-Side RIAs (Rich... Abdelmonaim Remani
Building Interoperabile and Scalable PHP... Marina Fisher
Building next generation business IT... Roman Zhovtulya
Building Rich Applications with Groovy's... Andres Almiray
Building Rich Web applications using jMaki Doris Chen
Building Testable WPF LOB using XAML Power Toys Karl Shifflett
Business Rule Management System for .NET yeepin yheng
Clustered Architecture Patterns: Delivering... Orion Letizi
Component Based Java Web Development with Apache... Karthik Gurumurthy
Conquering XML with LINQ in Visual Basic 9 Beth Massi
Cool new SQL Server 2008 Features - GeoSpatial... Bruno Terkaly
Creating Cmdlets for PowerShell Steve Evans
Data Mining for .NET Developers Lynn Langit
Deme: Now A Modular CMS, Now in Django Todd Davies
Destroy the Universe with XNA Jason Mauer
Develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using... Sridhar Reddy
Developing for Live Mesh Scott Mauvais
Developing WPF and Silverlight 2 at the same... Christopher Vigna
Discovering Software Trade Secret Theft Nikolaus Baer
DotNetNuke Module Development in C# Nik Kalyani
Dynamics CRM as a Platform for Business Process... Jim Downey
Easing Into Agile Ted Young
Everything Developers need to know about Active... Steve Evans
Facebook Application in Silverlight 2.0 Liam Molloy
Flex and 3D UI, for games and more Vic Cekvenich
Gallio: Crafting a Toolchain Jeff Brown
Generics, Anonymous Methods, and Lambda... Deborah Kurata
GlassFish: On a mission to please developers Arun Gupta
GridGain - Java Grid Computing Made Simple Nikita Ivanov
Groking the Code-Base Ryan Greenlee
Groovy and Concurrency Paul King
Groovy Tutorial Paul King
GUI Testing Made Easy Alex Ruiz
Hackathon 4 Kids: Building Game over Google App... Bess Ho
Hackathon 4 Kids: Hands-on with the Google Map... Bess Ho
Hands-on Lab: Building and Deploying... Pieter Humphrey
High Performance Ajax/JavasScript with ASP.NET... Mats Bryntse
How to build asynchronous Web Services pyounguk cho
Integrating Wikis and other Social Content into... Dave Nielsen
Introducing F# Timothy Ng
Introducing the Scala Programming Language Bill Venners
Introduction to Building RIA with Adobe Flex and... Abdelmonaim Remani
Introduction to Grails James Williams
Introduction to Spring Web Services pyounguk cho
Java2D and Groovy, a perfect match Andres Almiray
JavaScript: The Good Parts (Part 1) Douglas Crockford
JavaScript: The Good Parts (Part 2) Douglas Crockford
lift: a simply functional web framework David Pollak
Lightning Talks - Day One Van Riper
Lightning Talks - Day Two Van Riper
LinkedIn's Engineering Process using JIRA Daniel Francisco
LINQ and WPF Inergration Overview(Software +... Johnny Chan
LINQ Fundamentals Timothy Ng
LINQ to Everything Beth Massi
Mapping Agile Practices for Scalable Teams to... Don Robins
Metro: Hello World to .NET 3.5 interoperable Web... Arun Gupta
Mole For Visual Studio Karl Shifflett
Office development? Who would want to do that? Mathias Brandewinder
Oracle ERP - Technical Overview Alok Sonthalia
Practical Internet Telephony with Asterisk:... Roman Zhovtulya
Programming Microsoft Office using Python Wesley Chun
Prototyping User/Role Management with Oracle... Mark Wilcox
Quercus - PHP on Java Emil Ong
Rails powered by GlassFish Arun Gupta
Ruby Meta-programming Bala Paranj
Scala: tips and tricks David Pollak
Scaling a Platform with Bebo, Yahoo (YOS),... Sudha Jamthe
Silverlight 2.0 Made Easy Lino Tadros
Silverlight 2.0, it just keeps getting better Dave Britton
Silverlight Debugging Techniques Alan Cobb
Silverlight Tools For Visual Studio Cal Schrotenboer
Take a REST on WebLogic Server Symon Chang
Taking Advantage of LINQ and Open XML in Office... Beth Massi
Taming Web Services Interoperability Nilesh Junnarkar
Teaching Kids Programming with Scratch, Alice... Dave Briccetti
Test Driven Development: an intro for C#... Mathias Brandewinder
Testing for the Web Jeff McWherter
The Basics of Threading Ryan Greenlee
The Evolution of a Scrappy Startup to a... Poornima Vijayashanker
The Feel of Scala Bill Venners
The multi-component kernel of JBossAS 5 Scott Stark
The Performance Limitations of the Java... Ron Kleinman
UI Design Fundamentals Uday Gajendar
Unified Cloud Storage Library Dave Nielsen
Using ExtJS and Jabsorb for Rich Internet... Stan Knutson
WCF Debugging - Where do I start? Petar Vucetin
Web API for Wuala, social online storage Dominik Grolimund
Web Services Interop between Java and .NET Symon Chang
What is Python? Wesley Chun
What's wrong with JSF and how to solve it shay shmeltzer
When Browsers Behave Badly - Part One Robert Biggs
When Browsers Behave Badly - Part Two Robert Biggs
WillowChat: Out-of-the-Box Comet Webchat Michael Carter
Windows Azure:Everything you wanted to know... Sriram Krishnan
Windows Powershell Scripting Cal Schrotenboer
Windows Workflow Foundation: Past, Present, and... Jason Mauer
Working With SharePoint Data Joseph Ackerman
XML and Web Services with Groovy Paul King

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