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Ramnivas is a technologist, author, and presenter who is passionate about doing software right. He has been leading innovation in Spring Framework and Cloud Foundry since their beginning. Ramnivas has led a group in Cloud Foundry and started the Spring Cloud project. Ramnivas is the author of AspectJ in Action (1st ed, 2nd ed), the best-selling book on aspect-oriented programming that has been lauded by industry experts for its presentation of practical and innovative approach to solve real-world problems. He has at many leading industry events including JavaOne, ScalaDays, JavaPolis, No Fluff Just Stuff, SpringOne, and O'Reilly OSCON.


Full Stack Scala

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10:45 AM Sunday
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Recently I started working on my startup’s first product. The product backend serves a REST API and has a frontend that consists of a single-page web app (with mobile apps coming soon). For the backend, the obvious choice was Scala, but we also chose Scala on the frontend through Scala.js along with React. These choices have worked incredibly well for us. In this talk, I will discuss lessons learned in using full-stack Scala.

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