Brad Irby

Brad is an accomplished .NET software architect specializing in Domain Driven Design and Event Driven Architectures. Over his 30 year professional career, Brad has built web applications for Adidas, Kashi, Gap, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Aptos, and many others. Brads specialty is migrating existing .NET applications to a DDD architecture and EDA without system downtime. Brad has been the organizer of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley .NET user groups, and is frequent speaker on technical software topics throughout the US, South America, and Europe. Brad has written a book on Reengineering .NET published by Adison Wesley.


ReEngineering to inject Quality into Legacy Applications

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9:15 AM Sunday
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Speakers: Brad Irby

Learn how to take a Legacy application and reengineer it to inject current quality standards and architectures, all without taking the application offline or even stopping feature development. This session will take a look at the theory and practice of reengineering, with a lot of code from a real-life large .NET project (over 150 projects in the solution). If you're working with an old .NET project and want to convert it to using Dependency Injection, unit testing, messaging, etc., then this is the session for you.

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