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Peter Kellner Friday, July 27, 2018
Hi SV Code Camper,
We've got 9 sponsors so far and table space for 6 more.  Help us fill those spots! If your company wants to come, or you know of someone, please have them email sponsorship@siliconvalley-codecamp.com and we will get them all the details.
here Platinum Sponsor: here
PayPal Platinum Sponsor: PayPal
GrapeCity Gold Sponsor: GrapeCity
IBM Gold Sponsor: IBM
Interview Kickstart Gold Sponsor: Interview Kickstart
JetBrains Gold Sponsor: JetBrains
Twilio Gold Sponsor: Twilio
Wowza Media Systems Gold Sponsor: Wowza Media Systems
REDFIN Silver Sponsor: REDFIN
Over the past two weeks, we've added 17 more sessions (listed below) including several first time SV Code Camp speakers.
10 steps to build a strong Token based API Security Senthilkumar Gopal Speaker: Senthilkumar Gopal
Android Device Drivers: Deep Dive into Android Kernel Pritam Roy Speaker: Pritam Roy
Android Device Drivers: Getting Started Zafar Shahid Speaker: Zafar Shahid
Android Device Drivers: Implementing Android Binder. srinivas kocharlakota Speaker: srinivas kocharlakota
Angular 101 Deborah Kurata Speaker: Deborah Kurata
Clean Architecture Craig Berntson Speaker: Craig Berntson
Dissecting Dynamodb: Highly available key value store Aswani Nerella Speaker: Aswani Nerella
Foundations of a Data Driven Organization Andrew Karcher Speaker: Andrew Karcher
How to Succeed with Power BI David Pruden Speaker: David Pruden
Interfacing Lua and Ruby with C Vijo Cherian Speaker: Vijo Cherian
Learn Basics of Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow Gautam Gupta Speaker: Gautam Gupta
MySQL as SQL/NoSQL Database with Document Store Features Sastry Vedantam Speaker: Sastry Vedantam
Succeeding with Full Stack Scala Ramnivas Laddad Speaker: Ramnivas Laddad
The Location of Things from A to (X,Y,Z) Jayson DeLancey Speaker: Jayson DeLancey
TypeScript in Practice Bryan Hughes Speaker: Bryan Hughes
Understanding Functions and "this" in the World of ES2018 Bryan Hughes Speaker: Bryan Hughes
Peter Kellner
Silicon Valley Code Camp Organizer
Peter Kellner Peter Kellner, a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP since 2007, is founder and president of 73rd Street.

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