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  • See who else from your meetups are registered with us
  • Help promote us through your Meetup
  • Maintain your privacy at the same time

Login and then come back to this page and you will see an "Authenticate With Meetup" blue button.

Are you a meetup organizer?

If so, please add the following to your meetup, then come back to this page after logging in. You will see an "Authenticate with Meetup" button which you can click. You will then see your meetup at the bottom of this page as well as most other pages on this site.

  • Meetup Referral Logo
  • Download the above logo and use it as your sponsorship image
  • Use the URL: https://www.siliconvalley-codecamp.com to link to the sponsorship
  • Add a description of our meetup such as:
    "Silicon Valley Code Camp is a developer conference."
  • You can see a sample sponsorship filled out at the meetup The-San-Francisco-ExtJS-Meetup-Group

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Contact sponsorship@siliconvalley-codecamp.com if you are interested in being a meetup sponsor.