Silicon Valley Code Camp Giving is launching an initiative to raise money to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education  initiatives.  Specifically, the funds collected further STEM and Foothill College in their efforts to bring top education to our community.


There is a greater demand for science and mathematics training for jobs but fewer degrees are being awarded in these fields. As a result, the U.S. is becoming less competitive globally. To address this issue, visionary community colleges like Foothill College are leading local and national efforts to retrain laid-off workers and create curricula to educate more students in the sciences. Foothill’s Science Learning Institute will prepare students with a firm foundation in STEM subjects. Its teaching strategies and hands-on learning approach will expose students to a new way of thinking, encouraging them to explore the process of science—not just the solution.

A key element of the Foothill College Science Learning Institute(SLI) is to use the facilities and resources of the 122-acre Foothill College campus as a living laboratory. For example, students enrolled in Foothill’s new Sustainability & Energy Program study the campus energy system, including monitoring and analyzing the actual energy that’s produced by the college’s 1.5MW photovoltaic system.

This unique blend of academic study and fieldwork enables students to see real uses of technology, including real-time data. The opportunity to learn from, interact with and apply lessons directly gives Foothill students experiences they could previously only get through extended internships in the upper division of their academic pursuits.

Foothill College has the potential to be the CalTech of community colleges, and the SLI instructional model is a key part of our goal to deliver better educated students into the Silicon Valley workforce. In addition to increasing the university-transfer rates of students studying STEM subjects, the SLI will develop a STEM workforce that is prepared for Silicon Valley job openings in nanotechnology, renewable energy solutions, computer and network sciences, bioengineering and other critical fields.

Through generous community and business donations, the SLI provides scholarships for STEM summer camps for high school juniors and seniors.


California’s community college chancellor's office reports that a half-million students have been shut out of the system in recent years because they couldn't get into classes. The system counted 2.4 million students in 2011–12, down from 2.9 million students in 2008–09. The number of young, first-time community college students in California fell even further behind the number of recent high school graduates between 2008 and 2011— a trend that, combined with lower CSU and UC enrollment, may have a devastating effect on the state's workforce.

Throughout the multiyear state budget crisis, Foothill College leaders have employed effective enrollment management strategies and expanded the number of sections available to students by maximizing online courses, as well as marketing enrollment availability during non-peak periods. Despite ongoing budget cuts, Foothill College continues to advance its instructional innovation agenda. The college has successfully launched the Foothill College Science Learning Institute (SLI), an innovative instructional model that draws on educational research and best practices to support successful teaching and learning of STEM-related content.

A key goal of the Foothill College Science Learning Institute is to increase the university-transfer rates of community college students who are studying STEM subjects, and develop a STEM workforce that is prepared for jobs in computer science, nanotechnology, renewable energy systems and other critical fields. To fill the jobs that make up our region's unique economy, Foothill College must educate a wide range of students to succeed in STEM-related subjects. Foothill must also help our students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and encourage communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation to enable them to fill the jobs of the future. With funding from grants and donors, the SLI can make a pronounced and positive influence on our students'—and California's—future. The SLI is strengthened by its partnerships with such organizations as the Gates’ Foundation Global Skills for College Completion, Carnegie Foundation’s Statway Project, National Science Foundation’s STEMWay and Nanotechnology projects, and award-winning campus programs such as Math My Way.



While registering for code camp you can donate to Silicon Valley Code Camp Giving (SVCC Giving). As Foothill has been an awesome partner to Silicon Valley Code Camp over all our years, we want to give back to Foothill College’s efforts in supporting STEM and we need your help.  If you’ve benefited from the hospitality Foothill College has extended us all, please consider making a donation.

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Foothill College supports and provides internship programs because they prepare students to work effectively in the business world after graduation. Our goal at Foothill College is to build a bridge between business and education. We do this by connecting students with employers thereby increasing the pipeline of internships and qualified workers in Silicon Valley's business, STEM, and IT industries. Internships benefit industry by reducing recruiting costs, having access to fresh perspectives, increased access to minority students, and positive exposure within the community. Foothill College can provide "one-stop" internship services from developing job descriptions, recruiting of interns, scheduling of interviews, and providing full HR/Accounting/Payroll services if needed.

Foothill College realizes that its commitment to serve the workforce must extend beyond its classroom curriculum, degree and certificate programs. The reality of global competition and increasing job complexity means organizations have a continuing need for their employees to learn new skills and fill in knowledge gaps to ensure high-quality job performance.

Employers find timely and cost-effective solutions outside traditional college credit offerings in working the Foothill Center for Professional Development and Training. The Center offers employers a variety of customized training solutions - onsite instructor-led classes, web-based training, coaching, on-the-job training, just-in-time skill acquisition, consultations, needs assessment and other services. Programs range from soft skills workshops to advanced technical training. A quick response to client needs, hands-on training and practical application drive our customized solutions that transform business processes and employee productivity for our training partners.

Since 1981, the Center has educated, trained and retrained thousands of employees in hundreds of businesses throughout Silicon Valley.


The Foothill College faculty is nationally recognized for their excellence in the classroom. Our instructors have earned degrees from such institutions as Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Yale, Chicago Art Institute, Cambridge, Dartmouth, Princeton and many other top universities. They’ve joined the Foothill College faculty because they love working with students.

Founded with the hallmark of educational opportunity for all, Foothill College is recognized internationally as one of the most innovative community colleges in the U.S. Students of all ages enroll at Foothill for a single class, two-year associate degree programs, or to complete general education requirements for transfer to four-year universities such as the University of California, California State University, and private education systems. For students who want re-training or career advancement, Foothill offers in-demand professional and technical training programs that lead to specialty career certificates. A pioneer in the development of online college-level instruction, Foothill College offers more online classes than any other San Francisco Bay Area community college. Each 12-week quarter, Foothill College offers more than 1,000 course sections and enrolls approximately 15,000 day, evening and online students. A public California community college founded in 1957, Foothill College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community & Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools & Colleges.

Located in the high-tech heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Foothill College is 20 miles north of San Jose and 40 miles south of San Francisco. The main campus is located off I-280 in Los Altos Hills. The full-service Foothill College Middlefield Campus in Palo Alto is located minutes from U.S. 101, Central Expressway and El Camino Real.