Silicon Valley Code Campfire

Managing Programmers, Saturday October 2nd, 2021

Silicon Valley Code Campfire is an offshoot of the full northern California based Silicon Valley Code Camp in-person conference that has been put on annually for 15 years starting in 2006.

Silicon Valley Code Campfire is a free online event, starting on Saturday mornings. We’ll stream speakers to you via YouTube, with Q&A turned on so you can ask the questions that most challenge you. Each event will be a small-ish group of sessions around a common theme. We will bring in both top speakers from our past 15 years of events, as well other top speakers from industry.

Our first event is featuring two of our long time Code Camp speakers, Ron Lichty and Mickey Mantle.  The theme is Managing Programmers .  Here are the two sessions that will take place Saturday October 2nd, 2021.  Signup to be notified of more details as they become available!

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