Bruno Terkaly

My name is Bruno Terkaly. I work as an evangelist for Microsoft in the Bay Area. My interests are very diverse in software but I tend to gravitate to the 4 pillars of today: (1) cloud (2) mobile (3) big data; (4) Windows 8. I am a monthly columnist for the MSDN Windows Azure Insider and have published articles in MSDN Magazine.
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Big Data is a Big Deal - Running Hadoop in the cloud

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9:45 AM Saturday
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Speakers: Bruno Terkaly

This session is designed to give you a solid understanding of underpinnings and principles of Hadoop, perhaps the most sought after high-paying skill for a developer today. The in-depth session will begin by illustrating on how you build your own single node cluster of Hadoop on the Linux virtual machine (CentOS) for free so you can start learning immediately. The session will begin with a raw Linux VM and all the needed components will be downloaded and installed. You can be up and running quickly in the cloud within 30 minutes. This session will contain code and will show no more than a few slides. We will learn about writing the low-level map/reduce code in Java, which is really the low-level assembly language of Hadoop code. From there we will introduce more efficient approaches to analyzing big data with Hadoop, running high level queries and analyzing crime information from San Francisco as the example. We will create tables, import data, and group crime types all with a simple SQL like interface that is Hive. Finally, we will include a brief talk on PIG as well to round out the high level programming models and additional follow up materials so you can be up to speed on one of the most promising and financially rewarding skills today.

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