Beyond the Relay – Routers and Queues in the .NET Service Bus

11:00 AM Saturday
Hearthside Lounge
The .NET services bus was developed with solving the connectivity issue of web services, and as a general way of relaying messages to services. But controlling a messaging junction in the cloud has the potential for much more than messages relay. The services bus can act as a sophisticated interceptor, adding valuable aspects to your application. The first such aspects are routing and queuing. You can install a router to send messages to multiple subscribers or act as a load balancer. You can have the services bus queue up your client calls until the service is ready to process them. You can combine routers and queues, and have queues and routers subscribe to routers, enabling application features that would be very difficult without the services bus. This session presents the new capabilities and the new design patterns and pitfalls. You will also see some advanced WCF programming techniques, original helper classes, productivity-enhancing utilities and tools.
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Juval Lowy

Juval Löwy is the founder of IDesign and a master software architect specializing in system and project design. Juval has mentored hundreds of architects across the globe, sharing his insights, techniques, and breakthroughs, in architecture, project design, development process, and technology. Juval is Microsoft’s Regional Director for the Silicon Valley and had participated in the Microsoft internal strategic design reviews for C#, WCF and related technologies.

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